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Walt Disney Home Entertainment Limits Release Window for Sequel to Timeless Classic; Film Enters Vault on April 18, 2006

BAMBI II hits stores on February 7th but on April 18, 2006, you may only be able to find the much-anticipated Disney DVD on one shelf: yours.

In tribute to the 70th anniversary of Walt Disney's inception of his animated classic, BAMBI, Walt Disney Home Entertainment will place the extraordinary, must-own Disney DVD BAMBI II under moratorium just 70 days after its street date. Audiences will have 10 short weeks to purchase the majestic sequel to the timeless classic, or watch as the film is locked within Disney's acclaimed vault.

BAMBI II is a true treasure, an unforgettable next chapter for these beloved characters, and a perfect complement to the original BAMBI,� said Buena Vista Home Entertainment President Bob Chapek. "We're quite proud of the film."

Critics revere BAMBI II for its endearing story, pristine animation and engaging score. Scott Mantz of Access Hollywood calls the film "a delightful, enchanting sequel" "worth the wait" while NBC-TV's Bryan Erdy says BAMBI II is "an entertaining family film worthy of the original." Janna Maloney of FOX sees an even brighter future for BAMBI II in stating the film is "destined to become another Disney classic."

BAMBI Special Edition DVD

All-New Groundbreaking Digital Restoration Delivers Enhanced Picture & Sound
2-Disc Platinum Edition Includes a Forest-Full of Bonus Materials

Beloved by generations, Walt Disney’s timeless masterpiece BAMBI is available for the first time ever on DVD in a magnificent 2-disc Special Edition on March 1, 2005.

BAMBI is one of Walt Disney’s greatest triumphs and one of the all-time most requested Disney classics. It is widely believed that BAMBI has had the greatest impact on viewers of any Disney film.

Originally Theatrically released in 1942, it has been Theatrically re-released many times since for millions of fans. Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston, two of Walt’s legendary animators who worked on BAMBI, have ascribed the film’s continuing popularity to its dynamic mixture of fantasy and reality.

Today’s technology meets Walt Disney’s vision, as the BAMBI Special Edition has undergone one of the most expansive restorations in the history of The Walt Disney Company. The new 2-disc DVD features state-of-the art remixed sound with the all-new 5.1 Disney Enhanced Home Theater Mix. The extensively remixed soundtrack provides dramatic clarity and crisper sound. This all-new digital restoration, done exclusively for this Special Edition DVD release, required a team of film, computer and animation experts to apply the most advanced technology and talent the studio has ever assembled.

These efforts have restored BAMBI’s extraordinary artwork to dazzling brilliance. The groundbreaking technology employed includes detailed frame-by-frame work on over 110,000 frames, requiring more than 9,600 hours of work! This has resulted in stunning digital images with a far greater range of both color and density. The quintessential Walt Disney classic now comes to life as never before.

The BAMBI Special Edition Disney DVD will feature a forest-full of bonus materials. Included will be “Inside Walt’s Story Meetings” – a trip back in time where viewers experience the production of “Bambi” with Walt Disney himself and his creative team; never-before-seen deleted sequences created from original storyboards; the all-new “Forest Adventure Game” with eight games in multiple levels of challenge with something for all age groups from color recognition to trivia; special sneak-peek at the all-new movie “Bambi And The Great Prince of the Forest;” DisneyPedia; Disney Time Capsule 1942: the Year of Bambi; “Disney’s Storytime: Thumper Goes Exploring” an all-new story based on the classic; “The Making of Bambi;” original story concepts; music design, production stills; and much more.

BURBANK, Calif., - February 8, 2005

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