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New Civil War Film in Production:
The Battles That Changed Us

The Battles That Changed UsBy Madelyn Ritrosky

Young filmmaker Luke Broyles is on a mission.  It’s July 2014 and he’s a 15-year-old who’s written a feature length screenplay about the Civil War.  But it’s not just the battles on the field.  It’s the personal battles of four young Union Army soldiers.... personal battles that change them forever.

The Battles That Changed Us shoots in July-August 2014 in the Indianapolis area, with writer-director Luke Broyles behind the camera and calling all the shots.  His resume already includes numerous award-winning festival films, like G, freedom, Michael, and Bird Brothers.  
Photo left: Luke Broyles takes B-roll footage for his Civil War film

His lead actors embody the thousands and thousands of young men who fought on U.S. soil in the 1860s.  In alphabetical order, let’s meet them.
Tony Bartele, Brad Meyer, and Ransom Pugh are all 26 and 27 years old, while Jared Winslow, at 15, allows Luke Broyles a clear channel for his young perspective.  These actors bring experience and enthusiasm to this ambitious moviemaking project.   
Thanks to the help of the 49th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Company F, Captain Rob Van, and other Civil War re-enactor units, the battle sequences in the film will be authentic.

Tony Bartele is an aspiring actor from Indianapolis, IN. He has taken on numerous roles since entering into the world of film making and only strives to become better through each experience he has on set. Tony's passion for film is unwavering and he hopes to one day do it as a full time job. Until then, he is just happy to do what he loves as much as possible. This is his second time working with the young and talented visionary, Luke Broyles and he is really excited and eager for filming to gel underway!
Brad Meyer was born and raised in central Indiana. Brad attended Heritage Christian School and then he went on to Huntington University. Brad decided to head out west for a year to live out a childhood dream and work on a ranch in Colorado. Upon his return to Indiana he reentered college and finished with a degree in biology and business. After several acting jobs, Brad decided to pursue it full time. This project with Luke Broyles will be yet another chance to collaborate with talented and creative people to tell an important and beautiful story.
Ransom Pugh's love of acting began during his freshman year of high school, with a jaunt as Smaug, the Dragon in his high school's production of 'The Hobbit.' After he continued heavy involvement on live stage, he went on to study in the Acting Option at Ball State University, graduating with a bachelor's of science in theatrical studies. Since then, Ransom has done work on a number of local shorts, features and series.
Jared Winslow has acted in four feature films, including a supporting role in 'Virtuoso,' and will shoot two features this summer, 'Above the Fruited Plains' and this Civil War film.  Among several short films are lead roles in 'Travel Refreshed' and ‘The Gangs of Clowns of New York,’ plus a sky-highpunk in the upcoming 'The Blue.’ Along with web mini-series, promotional videos and plays, Jared's smiling face graced Trail's End Popcorn boxes and banners nationwide.

Watch the advance promotional trailer of
The Battles That Changed Us.
Follow the action on the facebook page for Luke Productions.

Donate at the website:  http://lukeproductions.org/

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