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batmanThe Dark Knight Breaks all sorts of Box office records and for good reasons!!

Find out why if you don’t already know!!

By K. Kirker

Finally “The Dark Knight” movie hit theaters on July 18,2008. The movie theaters couldn’t be more pact. For those who went to see this movie in IMAX theaters, they had to purchase their tickets weeks in advanced. All the showings of “The Dark Knight” were sold out for the first two weeks so far and probably more.

In the first day alone this movie brought in $66.4 mil beating the old opening-day record of $59.8 mil, set by ''Spider-Man 3''. The weekend totals ended up setting some new box office records as well, with the grand total of $158.4 mil beating the previous record of $151.1 mil set by again “Spider-Man 3”.

So why is this movie setting all these records? Well for one aside from bringing in the usual Batman fans, The late and great Heath Ledger played the role of the Joker. Many Heath Ledger fans came out to see the movie that set off all the darkness in his life, according to all the press surrounding his death and this movie. Also the buzz surrounding Heath Ledgers performance in playing the Joker was incredible.  In weeks before the movie, I would hear things like…. “Heath Ledgers Joker made all the other Jokers look like clowns”, and “Heath Ledger is going to receive an Oscar for this performance” etc…

I went to the IMAX theater to see this movie and I arrived about 45 minutes early thinking this would give me enough time to get snacks and a good seat, well boy was I wrong!! The line was already 1/2 mile long and people were still coming. By the time we were let into the movie, there was only enough time to find a seat and pretty much all the seats were taken by this point and then the movie started. 

This movie has a lot of non-stop action filled scenes. From the beginning of this movie to the end there was no time for a pee break with out missing something. I would have to say this is probably the first movie that I have gone to, where not one person left the during it. I have to say I wasn’t sure what to expect going into this movie, because I didn’t like the “Batman begins” movie that came out in 2005. However I wanted to see the “The Dark Knight” because of all the buzz about the Joker character. The buzz was right. The Joker character was insanely entertaining. I couldn’t even see any hints of Heath Ledger in the Joker. I was defiantly routing for the Joker during this movie. The Joker character was amusing and left people wondering what he was going to do next.

As far as Batman’s character I was pleasantly surprised this time around. I liked Christians Bale as Batman. The Batman character was comical and entertaining. I didn’t know what was going to happen ahead of time, I was thrown for a loop each time.

Morgan Freeman played Lucius Fox and very well. His character was comical and straight forward. A nice touch to complete the movie. He was one of the men behind Batman. Lucius Fox is the man behind all the gadgets everyone enjoys seeing and they really bumped them up in this movie.

Michael Caine played Alfred Pennyworth. The butler and confidant of Bruce Wayne aka Batman. Bruce and Alfred have a very playful relationship, almost like brothers. Alfred would over look everything and help set Bruce straight in subtle ways or be his advice back bone when he would need it.

Aaron Eckhart played Harvey Dent/Two- Face. The high-profile District Attorney for Gotham City and also the love of Rachel Dawes.  Harvey Dent is  a good guy just trying to clean up crime in Gotham City. He and Batman team up to put some mob members behind bars. With out giving to much of the movie away, for all of you who have not yet seen it, some things happen to change Harvey Dent and the nickname Two-Face then comes into play. If you want more about this character go see this movie!! You wont regret it.

Overall I give this movie and A+. It would have gotten an A++ but I would have like to see more of the Joker character. The Joker character was so great, I just wanted to see more with him. Also the other thing I didn’t like, was I was told that at the end of the movie there was going to be a tribute to Heath Ledger and I waited along with some other people for a good while after and…..NO TRIBUTE!! I feel that since Heath Ledger brought so much to this film the least they could have done was put in a special tribute for his family, friends and fans.

Okay so I know my opinion isn’t the only one that matters, so lets hear what some movie goers said about “The Dark Knight”!!

I interviewed Stephen on what he thought of “The Dark Knight” and here are is answers:

Okay so tell me when did you go see the Dark Knight?

Saturday the 19th of July at 1pm at a IMAX theater.

How would you rate this movie overall?

1-10 I would rate it about a 11 or 12 at the Imax theater if I watched it at a regular theater it would be a, you know what it would still be a 12.

Which were your favorite parts?

Can I list my least favorite part, if so there are none.

What did you think of the Joker?

The best performance Heath Ledger ever did. They should have put more parts with the joker in it.

How would you rate this Batman movie compared to all the other ones and which was is your favorite?

I rarely ever rate a movie over a 8 so enough said.

Would you go see this movie again?

I plan on seeing it every week till its off the cinema.

Will you buy it when it comes out on DVD?

Yes, defiantly in blue-ray

Who was your favorite character?

Hands down the joker, when can you watch a movie and actually route for the bad guy?

If you were trying to get people to go see this movie how would you summarize it?

All the characters were great. I would say to someone that I would pay for the movie for them to go see it, and if you like the movie, you pay me back plus you owe me double. If I could do that I could retire at 25 yrs old.

Are the any parts in this movie that you would change?

More parts with the joker.

Was there anything about this movie that you weren't crazy about?

Two things, but the movie was so great that I ignored the first thing which was the voice of the batman. It seemed like he was straining himself when he talked. 2nd, there should have been a huge thing about heath ledger at the beginning or before the credits. Most people watch a movie and not think about the actors. Heath Ledger is a legend and everyone should know it. Its sad not to see any more movies with him in it. He will be one of my top 3 actors forever.

Okay  here is one more opinion of a guy who goes by the name DFC Turbo!!

When did you go see the Dark Knight?

This past Friday at 12:20

How would you rate this movie overall?


Which were your favorite parts?

No particular parts (Love them all), but I was most shocked when they caught the joker and the LT wasn’t dead. I didn’t see that coming!

What did you think of the Joker?

I rate it better than Jack's but not by much

How would you rate this Batman movie compared to all the other ones and which was is your favorite?

This one tops them all

Would you go see this movie again?

Yea many times

Will you buy it when it comes out on DVD?


Who was your favorite character?

The joker of course with batman a close second

On a scale from one to ten rate all the characters for me.


If you were trying to get people to go see this movie how would you summarize it?

Your an idiot if you don’t

Are the any parts in this movie that you would change?

Nah not now anyway

Was there anything about this movie that you weren't crazy about?


Well there you have it, if you don’t want to take my word for it, there are some fellow viewers who think everyone should go see “The Dark Knight” many, many times!!

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