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Popularity of Da Vinci Code Engenders Interest in Story-Behind-the-Story

As The Da Vinci Code continues its reign atop the bestseller lists, it has sparked the interest of many readers who want to separate the fact from fiction amid the novel's many plot twists. With Oscar-winning actor Tom Hanks set to star in the upcoming Ron Howard Da Vinci Code film adaptation, interest is sure to soar even higher.

More than a dozen guides to the book have been published. Now comes Da Vinci Code Decoded, a DVD that aims to be the definitive visual companion to Dan Brown's masterpiece.

Da Vinci Code Decoded is published by The Disinformation Company, which put out a best-selling book, also titled Da Vinci Code Decoded, written by Martin Lunn.

Richard Metzger, creative director for The Disinformation Company, notes, "The reason for the success of the novel is the subject matter: the origins of Christianity, and the question -- did Jesus sire children? This documentary should go a long way towards satisfying the public's desire for more information on these issues."

Da Vinci Code Decoded reveals the hidden history and shocking revelations that have made Dan Brown's novel one of the most controversial books in years.

The DVD includes interviews with Brown, Lunn and other experts on Da Vinci, the Holy Grail, and other topics that lead to so much intrigue, not to mention murder and deceit, that have made the book a must-read for millions.

Da Vinci Code Decoded also features original location photography from The Louvre, Temple Church, Westminster Abbey, Rosslyn Chapel and Rennes-le-Chateau -- all shot especially for this production.

Source: The Disinformation Company
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