Entertainment Magazine: Film: 2010: "Repo Men"

Jude Law and Forest Whitaker in "Repo Men"

By Miv Evans
The job of the repo men is, specifically, to shoot the debtor with an anaesthetized dart, remove the organ on the spot and take it back to base.

In the first scene we witness an indifferent Remy remove a man's liver in front of his girlfriend, who also gets the dart treatment when she makes a big deal about Remy slicing up her lover..

We later see Remy and Jake mock the terrified new owner of a pancreas and then drop by a ship, slaughter everyone in sight and calmly harvest their organs.

Despite this, the super-talented Whitaker still manages to keep a connection with the audience which, under such murderous circumstances, is little short of a miracle.

Reviewed by Miv Evans
Miv is a British producer now living in Los Angeles.

Repo Men

Repo Men

Rated:  R
Distributor:  Universal
Running time: 111 mins
Cast:  Jude  Law  (Remy), Forest Whittaker (Jake), Alice Braga (Beth)
Director: Miguel Sapochnik
Original novel:  Eric Garcia
Screenplay by: Eric Garcia & Garrett Lerner
Producers:  Universal
Release date: March, 19, 2010

When Remy suffers a cardiac failure on the job, he awakens to find himself fitted with the Union's top-of-the-line heart-replacement…as well as a hefty debt.

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