2007 Santa Barbara

International Film Festival

Coverage by Madelyn Ritrosky
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Al Gore and Davis Guggenheim by RAY MICKSHAW/WIREIMAGE

Of Oscars and SBIFF Achievement Awards

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival, which helped ring in the month of February, is now a festival that anticipates the Academy Awards.

With Oscar nominations announced in late January and the awards handed out in late February, the SBIFF, which ran January 25-February 4, 2007, pinpoints and spotlights potential nominees. 
For the festival’s five special achievement awards, it turns out that three were given to eventual Oscar winners this year – four were nominated.

In addition, these events always feature one or two introducers or award presenters who have worked with the honoree.  This year there were two who were Oscar nominees themselves – one who became a winner. Article and Event Photos Continued...

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