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SBIFF: Festival Favorites By Jared

Dear Fatty

Dear Fatty is about a little hamster who went to far off places and misses his owner, a little girl.  The short movie is her reading her letters to Fatty, so we hear her voice, and we watch a hamster leaving his home and taking a train.  The hamster was very cute. 


Elephants are bad toward adults in this movie because the whole world is dull and gray.  But elephants are not.  And a girl who feels trapped by her parents’ dullness wants more color and finds out there actually is more in life.


Lobo: The Wolf that Changed America is a heartbreaking story about the Old West of the 1920s.  It is a documentary.  Lots of ranchers and hunters wanted to kill a wolf who was named Lobo.  One hunter came and said he could kill him.  Did he?  This movie teaches you to be nice to the environment.

Smalltalk Diaries

Smalltalk Diaries is a nature comedy about bugs from their different perspectives.  For example, they take care of their children differently from us and from each other.  We hear the bugs talking to us (actors’ voices) while we watch actual insects filmed close up doing things.  It’s from a British TV show.   


Superfish is a documentary about the seas’ wonders of the billfish – sailfish, swordfish, and marlin.  We see how they are getting hunted and we see how they hunt.  We learn how their populations have declined a lot over the last decades.  It was unusual to film these superfish hunting together. 

Time Warp

Time Warp is a science series that shows you really cool stuff, like how to walk on water or how they filmed in slow motion dogs shaking off water after swimming.  They used special cameras for some of these segments.  It’s cool and interesting, and it’s a learning experience.  This episode was produced especially for the film festival.

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