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Stardust & Moonbeams

By Madelyn Ritrosky

Ladies, wouldn’t you love to . . .   Grab the Camera. Change the View  Enjoy the View. Finally . . .  a Smart, Fun, Sexy Movie By Women, For Women - and the Men Who Love Them

Stardust & Moonbeams at Chandler International Film Festival

Southwest Premiere of Award-Winning Story of Female Empowerment.

Female empowerment takes center stage in the provocative short film Stardust & Moonbeams, which has its Southwest premiere on Saturday, January 19, in the “Best Woman Filmmakers” program at Chandler International Film Festival. Continue reading.

Based on the novel Stardust & Moonbeams (forthcoming, BZB Publishing, Tucson), written by Madelyn Ritrosky, PhD, and Dena Huisman, PhD, the short is produced and written by Ritrosky and touts an award-winning production team. The female-led team includes director/co-editor Terri Farley-Teruel as well as ASC award-winning cinematographer and cinematic pioneer Nancy Schreiber. In the middle of its festival run, the short has played eleven festivals, earned five award nominations, and won a best message award. The film pays homage to and posthumously credits composer Rosella Smeltzer, never credited for her achievements in the male-dominated music business of the 1930s and '40s.

We’re women, we’re filmmakers, and we love men.  We want to advance women’s sexual empowerment and turn the erotic gaze on men, for our entertainment.  We’re talking heterosexual politics, because if the woman is behind the camera and the man is in front of it, sparks will fly . . . everywhere.     

In Stardust & Moonbeams, Will gets more than he bargains for when he asks Beth to pose for him. Beth knows she’s on to something when she asks Will to pose for her. These are the modern times of 1928—and she’s a feminist, after all.  

Help Us Make Stardust & Moonbeams. Be Part of Something Special. Be a Spark for Change

Did you know that only 6% of the top 250 Hollywood films in 2013 were directed by women?  Just 10% were written by women, and a teeny tiny 3% had female cinematographers.  Did you know that 1/3 of women in Hollywood films are sexualized with clothing or nudity, compared to 8% of men?

So let’s . . .Shoot for the Moon - Swing on a Star -
Fund a Fabulous Film 

Stardust & Moonbeams

This short film project is adapted from the novel Stardust & Moonbeams, forthcoming from BZB Publishing in 2017. It’s women’s fiction with strong romantic elements, brimming with sexual politics and women’s equality from the historical perspective of the Jazz Age.  Yet it’s very much about today. 

We shot the film at the historic Farmer House Museum in Bloomington, Indiana.  It’s a treasure trove of 20th-century Americana, owned by Ed and Mary Ellen Farmer from 1950 until their deaths in 1996 and 1999, respectively.      

Production Story

Stardust & Moonbeams Actors


"Stardust & Moonbeams" Purpose –
Grab the Camera, Change the View, Spark a Change  

Writer/Producer/Novelist: Madelyn Ritrosky
Director: Terri Farley-Teruel
Director of Photography: Nancy Schreiber, ASC)
Producer: Kalynn Huffman Brower
Producer: Jo Throckmorton


In STARDUST & MOONBEAMS, Will gets more than he bargains for when he asks Beth to pose for him. Beth knows she's on to something when she asks Will to pose for her. With the woman behind the camera and the man in front of it, sparks fly in more ways than one.

Stardust & Moonbeams



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