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Director Terri Farley-Teruel

By Madelyn Ritrosky

Terri Farley-TeruelTerri Farley-Teruel, a summa cum laude graduate of UCLA Film School, is an award-winning director, writer, and producer. Her feature directorial debut Beautiful Dreamer, a WWII love story, garnered 13 Best Picture awards, including Best International Feature at the Australian Film Festival.

She has written, directed and produced several award-winning short films, and has written a number of feature scripts. One is a biopic about financial fugitive Robert Vesco, which is being produced by David Ladd films and will star Noah Wiley. She has written several feature scripts, one of which is a biopic about financial fugitive Robert Vesco, which is being produced by David Ladd films and will star Noah Wiley.

Her current feature-writing project is Rewriting Violet. Through her protagonist, Violet, Terri explores women’s shifting sexual power on screen and off after the film industry adopted the 1933 Hays Code. The code drastically changed the portrayal of sex in the movies and dramatically shifted power away from the women who ruled the silver screen at the time.
Terri also worked at Universal Studios as Manager of Feature Production Services for ten years. She worked on such films as Meet the Fockers, Spiderman II, The Cat in the Hat, The Lost World, Oh Brother Where Art Thou?, Jurassic Park III, Amistad, U2’s Elevation music video, and many others.

She worked closely with producers to deliver physical production support for filming on the lot. She was given the opportunity to reach out to indie filmmakers to offer Universal’s locations, offices and services.  Through this program she developed relationships with many independent filmmakers.
She is currently writing and developing television and feature projects with Phil Goldfine’s company, Hollywood Media Bridge.

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