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Toronto International Film Festival

By Madelyn Ritrosky-Winslow
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Like Cannes and Sundance, the Toronto festival is a prestigious film industry event. Up and coming filmmakers and performers vie for attention and acclaim, hoping for that breakout film or performance. Established independent filmmakers and Hollywood directors and actors also look to this festival for critical accolades to get films rolling for theatrical release.

Because of the timing of the festival, in September, it serves as an early prelude to the Academy Award season. As a Canadian event, the Toronto festival also highlights Canadian films and filmmakers.

Entertainment Magazine will be covering the 30th annual festival. Plans for coverage include festival overviews, film samplings, and filmmaker insights.

The Toronto International Film Festival's home page can be found at http://www.e.bell.ca/filmfest/2004/default.asp

30th annual Toronto
International Film Festival
September 8-17

"Notes on the Toronto Film Festival"
Author: CineAction

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