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Cody Stone

Direct from the Santa Catalina Mountains

This is the only Codystone inventory of jewelry-grade silver and gold from the Santa Catalina Mountains near Tucson, Arizona. These specimens have been exclusively mined and fabricated by Flint Carter, who has mined the Catalinas for more than four decades. For more information email [email protected] or call 520-289-4566.

Cody Stone Flint Cody Stone Jewelry grade silver and gold Carter

This collection of jewelry grade silver and gold includes 11 pieces of jewelry, 4 cabochons and two examples of comparison pricing. The stone in box was on loan to University of Arizona and is featured in a time line poster of Buffalo Bill Cody.

This jewelry grade stone is graded 38 out of 40 as one of the finest 100% natural silver and gold specimens in the world! 65.45 carats are valued at $1,625.00. The smalles tjewelry grade stone in the round container was purchased in 1995 for $50.00 from Bancroft, Ontario.

Cody Stone Cody Stone Jewelry grade silver and gold Flint Carter

Photo of 6 cabs from left to right $50 - $155 - $330 - $500 - $1,200 -  $1,625 in box - two stones in containers are not for sale but are used for comparison values.

Cody Stone Jewelry grade silver and gold

These are four large specimens are from excellent silver viens with the larger stones more valuable!

  • 5" x 2": $2,200
  • 5" x 4": $3,575

The two biggest polished slabs are valued at $7,000 each and only numbered certificates are certified as Codystone. Only 473 pieces exist to date.

Disclaimer: all stones are 100% natural containing small amounts of gold and silver– a secondary enrichment many metals have been re-crystalized and mixed. No gurantee is claimed but graded by appearance. This is a true part of history owned by Buffalo Bill Cody – extremely rare specimens of jewelry-grade silver and gold from the Arizona mountains.

Flint Carter

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