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"One Park Place" - historic cabin in the Santa Catalina Mountains

Near the east fork of the canyon in the Santa Catalina Mountains, where the Cañada del Oro joins the west, the Red Ridge Trail #2 branches off towards an old mining outpost named Catalina Camp. The Catalina Camp, owned by a Detroit company, was another site of major mining activities from the turn of the 1900s through the 1940s. Today, the abandoned mine is near a small patch of cleared dirt and two outbuildings. [1]

The camp was managed by Francis M. Hartman, who also had interests near the head of the canyon and on the eastern side of the Catalina Mountains at Camp Condon. The Catalina Camp closed temporarily in 1901 while they awaited the arrival of heavy machinery. All three areas being worked on by Hartman were rich in gold, silver and copper. [2] One of the two remote cabins near Catalina Camp may have been built before the turn of the 20th Century where E. O. Stratton mined with his family. Today, an inscription above the door of the larger cabin is marked “One Park Place.” The nearby shack is named “One Downing Street. The Stratton cabin, now known as One Park Place, was home to Emerson Oliver (E.O.) Stratton and his family. Nearby, is the Catalina Camp and several gold and copper mines. William "Flint" Carter maintains the cabin to preserve its history.

"One Park Place"
Sign In Rosters:



When you come to the cabin, please keep it clean and respect others possessions and property. There is a sign in roster for you to stake your presence.

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William "The General" Carter standing in front of "One Park Place," an old cabin hidden deep in the Santa Catalina Mountains, near Oracle Ridge.

Flint Carter drilling at the mining claim.