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Silver in Quartz- jewelry grade ores

By Flint Carter

Pictured is my first introduction to silver in quartz of a jewelry grade from Bancroft, Ontario.

Jewelry grade silver in quartz by Flint CarerI paid $4.00 a carat, $50 for the small piece ($8,880 a pound) in 1996 and no more available then.

Also included is a letter from where I bought my first piece and their placement of our product in their Mineral Museum. To be noted, is the statement that this particular product is a slow mover commercially.

After 15 years, I have learned why.

The reason being that little now exists. People have no exposure or knowledge of this type of rock. The majority of materials have been ground up and smelted for the precious noble metals and other ores.

Another side of he coin, so to speak, is content. Some will say, "Oh, that's just galena." To clarify, first of all, there is more than one thing as is clearly visible.

Galena, lead, silver, zinc, etc. is a combination of things, and each separate source has varying amounts.

Usually only people with a mining background can discern the values!

The most important thing with any precious stone is if it is attractive.

The second note is durability.

Like the diamond, the harder and more durable the product the longer it will last. For example, "diamonds are forever."

First and foremost in my mind is the "silver screen." All photography would not have occurred if not for silver and its refectory properties.

Our product is special, because Buffalo Bill Cody was one of the first to make motion pictures (a little known fact).

Before being depleted, the mines had very "showie" products all which are now gone. Most sources today are hygraders who find leftovers in played out mines.

This Hi Ho Silver product has been a learning experience into the history of silver, its uses, products and natural occurring states. Any and all info will be greatly appreciated,

We say our stone has "la vie dasante" ("life's dancing light"). First mentioned in the Bible and glorified by Jimmy Buffet in his song "Last Mango in Paris," and another titled "La Vie Dasante."

We hope you can see the light and enjoy the significance.

For information on jewelry grade silver in quartz, exclusively by Flint Carter, call 520-289-4566. Email: [email protected].

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