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Flint Carter discusses the 'Iron Door Mine' movie

Flint Carter opens with a presentation about the October 8, 2010 screening of the original 1924 version of the "Mine with the Iron Door," filmed north of Tucson in the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Carter tells of the history of the film and displays minerals mined from the Santa Catalina Mountains near the site of the film and the legendary Iron Door, picked as the best movie of the year in 1924, by Variety magazine.

The movie, fashion show and display was part of the 90th anniversary of the Rialto Theater in Downtown Tucson.

Flint Carter on the Iron Door Legend

Flint Carter talks about the "Mine With the Iron Door." October 8, 2010 at the Rialto Theatre, Tucson, AZ.

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This video, filmed by Blake Hughes founder of 1FunTV.com, also features a 1920s fashion show that was held before the film screening. The 1920's Red Carpet Night Fashion Show was then followed by a rare screening of the 1924 silent film The Mine with the Iron Door, based on the book by Harold Bell Wright.

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Cody StoneCody Stone is mined in the Santa Catalina Mountains, north of Tucson. Formed from gold and silver in quartz,

The Mine with the Iron Door: A Romance (1936)

Movie Poster from the 1936 film The Mine with the Iron Door - Movie Poster - 11 x 17 Poster for the Mine with the Iron Door movie. Stars Richard Arlen, Ceclia Parker and Henry B. Walthall. Poster measures approx. 11 x 17. Rolled and shipped in a sturdy tube. This poster is from The Mine with the Iron Door (1936).

Printed Edition of The Mine with the Iron Door. (The Collected Works of Harold Bell Wright - 18 Volumes) (Library Binding) Library Binding: 338 pages. Publisher: Classic Publishers, Language: English. ISBN: 158201891X.

Digital CD Edition of Mine with the Iron Door: A Romance, The (CD-ROM Edition). The CD-ROM contains 338 pages. Publisher: Classic Books; 1923 edition (December 15, 2007).