Buy or Refinance Your FL. Home

Florida's real estate market keeps on growing to become one of the hottest markets in the country. New home financing and refinancing is at all time high throughout the state and the nation.

With the low interest rates, people are also considering debt consolidation and home equity loans to make their assets work for them.

Both Miami and Orlando, FLA. share the great weather and lifestyle living that people of all ages prefer.

Refinancing in Florida

By Wendy Croix

In spite of some recent difficult weather, Florida real estate markets remain strong and interest rates remain low. As a result, Florida owners who can knock a couple of percent points off their interest rates should consider refinancing.

However, if interest reductions are less, owners should think twice about their refinance, unless they want to change the term of their loan (from 30 to 15 years, or vice versa) or the type of interest (variable to fixed). Of course, owners with substantial equity in their homes may want to refinance in order to make home repairs or improvements.

The Florida Real Estate Market

To refinance in Florida, homeowners should know the fair market value of their homes. Fortunately, getting market information in Florida is relatively easy, so owners can easily get an idea of the selling prices of homes similar to theirs in their neighborhoods.

The NAR website Realtor.com offers a gateway to local market information. By scrolling down to "About the National Association of Realtors," clicking on "State & Local Associations," and selecting "FL," owners can find real estate sales information on a county-by-county basis.

Local Florida Refinance Markets

Local refinance is driven both by local real estate markets and the owner's FICO scores. Owners with stellar credit can wheel and deal for the lowest mortgage rates available.

Like other refinance seekers, Florida owners can shop online and compare mortgage rates—regardless of their credit ratings. Nobody should say yes to refinance without comparison shopping—especially in today's active and competitive refinance market.

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If you are considering to refinance in Florida, or take equ

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