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Enjoy swimming with Dolphins in Florida

By Tarek Khaleel 

At Dolphin World, in Florida, their passion is all about Dolphins. They know first hand the magic and joy of interacting with these wonderful and loveable creatures. It is especially because of this fact they want to be able to share this experience with everyone.

Dolphin World is a Florida based company with three main locations within the state customers can choose to visit- Miami, Florida Keys and Orlando.  Each of these locations boasts great fun filled days where you can swim with the dolphins and do various other extremely fun and exciting activities.

Swim with Dolphins in South Florida, Key Biscayne Miami

Take a closer look at each of these locations to compare and contrast them.  First, let us begin our journey in South Florida, Key Biscayne Miami, which is close to South Beach, Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale. This is where you can swim with dolphins in Miami. Customers from all walks of life make their reservations many weeks in advance to swim with the dolphins. In Miami, the main program is called the Dolphin Swim Adventure workshop.

The Dolphin Swim Adventure workshop is a thirty minute swim with dolphins activity, where you are allowed to get into the water with the dolphins, and are able to pet, kiss, hug, shake their fins and of course swim with them. To clarify when we say swim with dolphins, what that actually means is a dorsal fin ride.

This ride enables you to hold onto the dorsal fin of the dolphin and be pulled from one end of the pool to the other. The program also includes in addition to the 30-minute swim, full admission to the facility, a dolphin show, sea lion show, marine park tour and other marine animals shows.

The day is broken into morning or afternoon sessions, the first is from 9:30am – 3:00pm, or the latter session is from 11:00am to 5:00pm. All of these activities are included for the very reasonable price of $213.00 per person.  Miami actually is the most affordable location of the three so for optimum value.

Swim with Dolphins in the Florida Keys, Key Largo and Key West

Next up are the Florida Keys, Key Largo and Key West, which is only 1 1⁄2 -hour South of Miami. The Florida Keys locations are our most serene and natural of the three. If you want the closest thing to the real deal of being with dolphins, then the Florida Keys is your choice.

The swim with the dolphins in Key Largo area takes place in a giant man made salt-water lagoon, where you and the dolphins may interact and play.

The most popular program in the Key Largo area is called the 1-Day Dolphin Swim Mini workshop. This activity boasts also a 30-minute swim with the dolphins, where you get to interact with them and do a dorsal fine ride, toe push and free swim with them.

This program gives you the most time in the deep water with the dolphins. However what makes Key Largo different are the unique activities that come with the program. Like Miami, it also offers a dolphin show, sea lion show and marine park tour. But unlike Miami, it has the coveted John Pennekamp Ocean Reef snorkel trip.

This hour and half snorkel trip is one of the highlights of choosing the Key Largo location. This boat trip will take you about 1 mile from the shore with a team of experts that will guide you through a snorkel adventure.

All equipment is provided for you, so all you have to do is jump in and have fun examining the underwater life of the ocean depths and seeing a whole host of creatures that inhabit the ocean floor. The snorkel trip is definitely a very unique experience to tag along with the excitement of swimming with the dolphins.

In Key West there is also a wild dolphin encounter guided tour and experience. Unlike Key Largo, this program offers something unique to the Florida Keys.

The main program in Key West is called the 1-Day Wild Dolphin Encounter workshop, where you get to observe the dolphins in their true natural habitat, a 4 hour boat trip with the leader of the Dolphin Key Alliance who will be your personal tour guide thought this adventure

Mask, Snorkel, Fins, Wetsuit, Floatation Vest will be provided for the snorkel portion of your trip, snacks and beverages will be provided for you and also a very fun 2-hour guided kayak tour is also a part of the program. Ultimately though, if your main prerogative is to swim with the dolphins, then Key West is not your choice. But if you are looking for an excellent time of learning and seeing these amazing creatures in their natural habitats while enjoying other very fun activities, then Key West is perfect for you.

Swim with the dolphins in Orlando Florida

Finally, and yes, the best for last- presenting the undisputedly most popular location, the crème de la crème, the swim with the dolphins in Orlando Florida.

Ok, so maybe that was a little over the top, but seriously there is a reason this location sells out months in advance. Simply put, Orlando has everything. If you have the money to spend and you want one of the best possible overall experiences, no questions asked, then this is the vacation destination for you.

The facility in Orlando boasts an amazing arsenal of activities and experiences for the participants to try. Ultimately you are still getting the 30-minute dolphin swim, with plenty of hands on interactions and a dorsal fin ride. But once again like in Key Largo, the dolphin swim is not the only selling point in Orlando. 

The most popular activity in Orlando is called the Adventure Swim package. This includes the swim with dolphins activity, snorkeling with tropical fish in a coral reef, hand feeding of birds in a free flight aviary, access to multiple resort pools, swimming in a tropical river, breakfast, lunch, snacks and beverages, both alcoholic and non alcoholic are available, use of lockers, free parking, and much more.

But once again this is not the cherry on top just yet. The best bonus that is offered here is the 14 day unlimited admission to either Sea World Orlando, Bush Gardens Africa or Aquatica theme parks. Needless to say the package in Orlando is bountiful and for the price is actually quite fair. Prices in Orlando fluctuate depending on the month.

Visit www,dolphinreservation.com to see current and future prices.  Don’t delay experience the magic of a swim with the dolphin program in Florida today and make your reservations in advance, you don’t want to lose the opportunity of a lifetime.

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