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Foreclosure filings on more than 2.3 million properties reported

A total of 3,108,364 foreclosure filings in 2008 -- auction sale notices, bank repossessions, and default notices -- 1,275,791 U.S. Properties over the course of the year; an 82% increase in all properties from 2007, and a 240% increase in the total number of properties from 2006, according to ForeclosureListings.com, one of the largest foreclosure listings providers.

Tucson Homes for Sale in the foothillsFeature Cities:

Tucson Homes for Sale

Phoenix, AZ Homes for Sale

The Tucson, AZ housing market still sizzles in the desert sun. While housing in the rest of the country has slowed considerably, homes for sale in Tucson are selling at a better pace.

Tucson home prices are still a bargain compared to other parts of the country. The out-of-price California market forces many potential home buyers to look to cities like Tucson or Phoenix as an cheaper alternative. A similar $500k home in San Diego may cost $300,000 in Tucson.

Tucsonans who can sell their home to someone moving from outside, can use the extra equity to buy a newer, larger home in Tucson. Upscaling to a better home is easier with the larger equities built over the past decades.

Tucson, Arizona homes for sale are expected to sell briskly through next year, but they may be on the market for a few weeks longer. Since the Tucson market is at the heart of our existence, we will be adding new real estate tools provided by our sponsors to make your home search more successful.

The Entertainment Magazine Homes for Sale Section is a gateway to finding and selling a home from many locations in the U.S. Demographics, school information, neighborhood data will all be available to learn about the areas you plan to relocate.

The first market EMOL.org will develop is for the Tucson, Arizona housing market and current Tucson homes for sale with up to date, searchable and scalable, MLS listings.

Tucson homes for sale, respresented by select agents, will personalize your needs after your have researched the market. Their local experience, and reputations, will further enhance your knowledge about the area. These agents have decades of experience in the local markets.

Homes for sale in Phoenix, Glendale, Arizona; San Diego, and other California cities will be featured through this section.

Photo courtesy Reid Sossong, RPA, Broker

Americans Lost $1.4 Trillion in Home Values in Q4; More Than was Lost in All of 2007

Eighth Consecutive Quarter of Declines is Worst So Far: Home Values Fall 11.6% in 2008; One in Six Homeowners is Underwater, According to Q4 2008 Zillow (R) Real Estate Market Reports

Home values in the United States fell for the eighth consecutive quarter, declining 11.6 percent during 2008 to a Zillow Home Value Index(1) of $192,119, according to the fourth quarter Zillow Real Estate Market Reports(2), which encompass 161 metropolitan areas.

The declines mean that U.S. homeowners lost a cumulative $3.3 trillion(3) in home values during 2008, with much of that loss coming in the fourth quarter. Homeowners lost $1.4 trillion during the fourth quarter alone; more than the $1.3 trillion lost during all of 2007. Since the housing market's peak in 2006, $6.1 trillion in home values have been lost. Continue reading about the US home report.

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