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Remodel your kitchen by refacing your cabinets

By Mary Hobson

If the layout of your kitchen works well and the basic construction of the kitchen is good, it can be difficult to justify the cost of new kitchen cabinets.

Remodeling your kitchen when it is out of fashion or when renovation is necessary in order to help sell the home is often the incentive to make changes.

Kitchen Remodeling by Sears

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Kitchen cabinet refacing with wooden or veneered doors can make a kitchen look entirely different when used in conjunction with new drapes, redecoration, and new flooring.

There are two main principles behind remodeling the kitchen by refinishing the cabinets: retaining the framework of the kitchen cabinets, and replacing the cabinet doors and drawer fronts in a new material and style.

Usually the sides of the cabinets are also refinished, and new surfaces installed. This can change the whole look of the kitchen at a relatively low cost.

Not only is the cost of the cabinets reduced, the labor necessary to renovate the kitchen is much less than a total refit. If desired new kitchen cabinets can be added and drawers can be reformed to make sure they are sound and long-lasting.

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