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The benefits of Awning Windows

By James Golden

When you are in the throes of a home improvement project, choosing the type of windows to install can be a daunting task. While there are many different options to choose from, awning windows stand out as a functional, versatile, and attractive solution.

Defined by their unique design, awning windows open outwards from the bottom at an angle in order to provide maximum ventilation while shielding the interior of your house from the elements.

How an awing works

Awning windows operate using hinges located at the top of the window frame. You open the sash out and up from the bottom either by pushing manually on the sash or by using a winding device that can be easily installed on any awning window.

This creates an “awning” that prevents rain from spilling into the building and allows air to freely circulate between the interior and exterior.

Varieties of designs

Awning windows can be used in a variety of architectural situations. One awning window can be cut to match virtually any size of window frame or can be combined with other types of windows in different stylistic patterns.

For example, clerestory windows and single- and double-hung awning windows are variations of awning windows. Clerestory windows are small awning windows that sit above other windows or doors in order to provide extra ventilation

Single-hung awning windows combine one fixed (non-moving) window with one awning window, whereas double-hung awning windows combine two awning windows within the same frame.

Awning windows can be tastefully used on their own or in combinations to perfectly suit your home improvement needs. 


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