Elegance and Light to your Home with Bay Windows

A bay window is a large window made up of three smaller windows that project outward from the main walls of a home to form a square or polygonal recess within a room.

This elegant and useful home improvement first achieved popularity in the 1870s and, not surprisingly, the windows are often associated with the vintage Victorian architecture of this time.

In San Francisco, the windows attained popularity as builder’s sought to extend buildings out over public space to maximize room. The city’s unique Victorian architecture – thanks to bay windows – is now just as recognizable as the city’s natural landscape of fog, hills, and water.

Benefits of Bay Windows

In addition to the extra space-illusion bay windows create for a home, there are many other benefits to this home improvement. For instance, these windows’ angled, three-sided Victorian bay with commonly 6-foot-high double hung windows will allow you to experience breathtaking views of the outside world that are impossible to achieve with other window styles.

At the same time, this extra viewing space increases the flow of light into a home resulting in warm and sunny rooms. Homeowners and interior designers commonly use the extra window space for sofas or plants that overlook decks, streets, beaches, or rooftops.

Bay windows aren’t limited to Victorian style homes. Recently, they’ve become popular home additions – in many places – improving living space with their appealing design, increased ventilation, and amazing views. Clearly, the price of adding a bay window to a home does not compare to the priceless views you’ll gain of the outside world from the comfort of your own home.

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