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Should I repair or replace my windows?

By James Golden

Do you think you might need new windows? Are you considering just trying to repair them instead? Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision.

The first thing to consider is cost and functionality

How old are your windows? Do you just have draft and leakage problems, or are there serious defects like cracked window panes or broken opening mechanisms? Sit down and weigh the costs and benefits of both repairing and replacing your windows. Repairing your windows is by far less expensive, but if it only temporarily relieves your problems then it is not a sound investment.

Repairing the window

If you have relatively new windows and are having problems with a draft or the occasional leak, repairing your windows would be a sound option.

Repairing your windows typically involves upgrading the weather stripping and caulking the exteriors of the window panes. You can also remove the interior casings and expand the foam insulation in order to fill any cracks or holes.

These are all cost effective ways to save newer windows that are still functional but suffer minor from draft or leakage problems.

Replacing the window

Replacing your windows is a more involved and more costly project. Among the many different types of windows you may choose to replace your old ones with, consider technological advancements such as double pained glass, vinyl coating, and improved weather stripping. Make sure you get accurate price quotes and professional installations.

This will minimize the likelihood of future draft or leakage problems and save you money over the long term. 


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