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Storm windows and their benefits - When would you replace them?

By James Golden 

Storm windows are a sound investment to any home improvement project. Some of the benefits of storm windows include:

  • Improving energy efficiency by creating an insulating air pocket between the interior and exterior windows.
  • Reducing leaks, drafts and sound pollution because the interior window fits snuggly against the window frame.
  • Protecting the interior of your home from ultraviolet light.

Wooden and vinyl frames

Wooden and vinyl storm window frames provide the best insulation, but most storm window frames are made of aluminum for durability.

Wooden frames can shrink and expand with temperature, so they sometimes work better in a particular season depending on when they were installed. Storm windows can even be installed on the inside of your existing windows, so you save money and don’t have to worry about changing how your house looks.

Storm windows should be replaced if you are having problems with the sliding track frames that the windows move up and down on.

While track problems are more prevalent with wooden framed storm windows, aluminum or vinyl frames can also be damaged over time.

Keep them on track

If your storm window cannot slide easily on its track, it cannot function properly. The track of the storm window insures that its insulating properties remain functional. If you cannot remedy the problem by using a lubricant like WD-40 or by removing the window and adjust the window panes, you might want to consider replacing the entire unit. 


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