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Dreaming of Your Own Pool?

With spring finally upon us, you may find yourself dreaming of bright yellow and sparkling turquoise -- the colors of warm sunshine and a gorgeous, backyard pool. If this is the year you want to finally dive in to a pool of your own, start the process now, and you could be swimming and sunning by summer.

There's nothing like a pool for creating lifetime memories. The delighted laughter of splashing children, poolside barbeques with friends and family, and the joys of your own backyard vacation spot are moments you'll always cherish.

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But family fun isn't the only reason to own a pool.

The fact is that, today, there are more pool styles and options than ever before, and more ways to benefit from having one of your own.

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No longer confined to the rectangular designs of the past, most pools are now custom created to fit the property size, and personal preferences, of the homeowner.

Lap pools and smaller styles can be designed for those primarily interested in the exercise and health benefits of swimming and water therapy.

Sport pools offer shallow depths at each end so that volleyball and other water sports can be enjoyed.

Some homeowners want pond-styled pools to serve as an aesthetic element in a larger landscape design.

Others are looking for a total outdoor entertainment environment, complete with a pool, kitchen, decking, gazebos and more.

There are new automated systems that make fast work of pool maintenance, and highly efficient pumps and heaters that reduce energy use.


Selecting a Pool and Installer

Begin your pool purchase process by visiting local pool dealers to see the available options. Next, select several pool dealers to invite to your home for a detailed discussion of their capabilities and your ideas. When searching for a reputable pool dealer, you can turn to the Northeast Spa and Pool Association (NESPA) for help.

NESPA represents the pool and spa industry in the Northeast. Its members are dedicated to ethical business practices, ongoing training and education, and promoting the philosophy that a fun pool is a safe pool.

According to NESPA President Steven Metz, owner of Central Jersey Pools and Supply, "Late winter or early spring is the ideal time to start the whole process. It allows the right amount of time to work through the permit and pre-construction process, install the pool and add-on features, and have it ready to enjoy by summer."

Safety First

A reputable pool dealer will be sure to talk with you about pool safety. Steven Metz notes that safety is the most important responsibility of owning a pool. "As a NESPA member," he says, "we are committed to communicating with potential pool owners about layers of safety -- including fences, locks, alarms, covers, outside phones and other items that can increase security and reduce the risk of injury."

Get Started

If you're ready to dive in to pool ownership, an excellent place to start is the NESPA website, http://www.nespapool.org/. You'll find a list of NESPA members, and a wealth of information on pool designs, the purchase process, maintenance, safety and more. For educational pamphlets on how to build and operate a safe pool, write to NESPA at 300 J Campus Drive, Morganville, NJ 07751-1250.

Source: Northeast Spa and Pool Association
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