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Choosing the Best Swimming pool materials

Three different types of materials are used for in-ground swimming pools: gunite, vinyl, and fiberglass. All offer great benefits depending on what you are looking for in a pool.

When constructing a pool, the surrounding land must talso be taken into consideration. Some materials may not hold up well in loose or grainy soil.

Construction material costs can vary considerably. For example, a pool measuring 16 x 32 can cost, on an average (does not include costs for deck work, fencing or other options). Some estimated costs are:

  • Size Steel Walls/Vinyl Liner: $17,000
  • Polymer Walls Vinyl: $18,000
  • Liner Cement or Block Walls/Vinyl Liner: $19,000
  • Gunite/Cement: $37,000

Here is a list of popular in-ground swimming pool construction materials:

Popular Types of Pool Materials

Gunite: This option is the most popular because of the flexibility, since a pool can be built into any shape. It also allows for unique features such as waterfalls and custom steps. Gunite, however, is up to two times more expensive than linear cement or block wall construction. Gunite is also called shotcrete, and is power sprayed against the frame and rebar.

Vinyl: Traditional in-ground swimming pools usually have reinforced steel or polymer walls with vinyl-liners. Owners can choose among the many options for liner shapes, patterns, and colors. Construction time is generally 2-3 weeks.

Fiberglass: These pools are one-piece shells that are installed directly into the ground. They come in various shapes and styles. Delivery and swimming pool installation are typically faster than traditional in-ground construction. Size options are limited with a pre-shaped fiberglass shell. The case also has to be transported by truck to its destination.

Pebble Tiles: For a beach type appearance, PebbleTec is the industry choice. Glass and Quartz tiles are also new options.

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