Book Your Hotel Room Online

Our visitors can now get lower rates through our own Hotel Reservation Internet Network powered by IHS.

We have the same source to thousands of low bid hotel rates across the country. Browse through detailed listings and current rates.

Hotel owners realize it is much cheaper to process a hotel reservation online than to have a live person spend five or more minutes per customer booking a hotel room over the phone. Sometimes, that live voice can help in special circumstances, but it is like buying premium gasoline when regular will do.

Check Hotel Rates from Around the World

Choose from about 7,000 Advantage Rate Hotels and over 43,000 GDS properties through the IHS (Interactive Hotel Solutions internet-based travel reservation system.

The IHS (Interactive Hotel Solutions) system allows seamless transaction for hoteliers, guests, and for visitors. Compare hotels in hundreds of cities around the world and book ta hotel reservation all in one spot!

IHS is an independent online booking agency that charges a modest service fee for use of its reservation booking system.

What are Advantage Rates?

Specific hotels in selected cities have earned the Advantage Property seal of approval for being a Preferred Property. Preferred Properties are hotels that exemplify a positive track record in providing a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

What are Web Saver Rates?

Web savers are special rates offered only to online customers. These rates are below the published rates of the hotel and often represent the very best rates available for that property. They often require prepayment and may not have a refund policy associated with them. We recommend that you read all cancellation policies and rate-rules before you book your hotel.

Recent change to the order in which hotels are displayed

IHS has been working on fine tuning the confidence rating that is assigned to each hotel.

In the past, the confidence rating has been based more on the behavior of the hotel with regards to rate types offered, etc. Under this old way of ranking hotels, the rating would change much less frequently.

With the new formula, the confidence rating is updated on a much more frequent basis. It now takes into account the availability of each hotel, the available rates, as well as historical numbers and several other factors.

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