Entertainment Magazine: Iron Door Mine: The Miner's Story Project

Preserving the Old West: The Miner's Story Project

The Miners’ Story Project collects, preserves and shares stories about life in the mines and mining communities in the Southwest US.

These stories are captured on high quality digital audio recordings, to enrich and enliven the exhibits at the University of Arizona’s Mineral Museum. Recording sessions are held in a mobile “Story Trailer,” which will visit towns around Arizona and New Mexico.

These stories will live for generations to come and will help young people (and even the young at heart!) learn about the history and importance of mining in Arizona and New Mexico.

The Miners Story Project is collecting stories from miners and their families. From stories that capture everyday life, to stories that capture amazing events, and everything in between is being collected and preserved.

The Story Trailer will be staffed by an interviewer who will run the recording equipment and ask questions to get the stories flowing. Stories might start by describing an object or a photograph that you bring in. We’ll talk about everything from the life of a miner, to the practical jokes that kept the days short, to the knowledge of stone and blasting that allows us to dig deep into the Earth.

The Miners Story Project is a public outreach effort of the The University of Arizona Mineral Museum and Flandrau: The UA Science Center. To arrange for an interview or check trailer locations call 1-866-40-MINER (1-866-406-4637) or email [email protected]

Miners’ Story Project
Flandrau Science Center
The University of Arizona
PO Box 210091
Tucson, AZ 85721-0091

Visit the Miners Story Project website.

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"Ballads of the Santa Catalina Mountains" CD

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$19.95 The Miner's Story CD

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