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New Episode #252: July 18, 2015

Jonathan L returns to Tucson on KMFA

LOTUS COMMUNICATIONS Alternative KFMA (ROCK 102)/TUCSON brings JONATHAN L back to the market by picking up his free-form worldwide radio show, "LOPSIDED WORLD OF L" on SUNDAY nights from 11p-1a, beginning FEBRUARY 15th. "LOPSIDED WORLD OF L" originates from JONATHAN L's home studio in BERLIN, GERMANY.

JONATHAN comes full-circle by returning to TUCSON where he started his radio career in 1982 with "VIRGIN VINYL," a five-hour specialty show airing on SUNDAY evenings on sister Rocker KLPX.

JONATHAN L, has been nominated for "International Radio Personality" for the WORLDWIDE RADIO SUMMIT 2015 Industry Awards. Find more info on LOPSIDED WORLD OF L at www.jlradio.com.

Jonathan L is an American radio presenter, programmer, and entertainment media publisher who now lives in Berlin, Germany for the past four years.

His radio career began in Tucson, Arizona in 1982 at KLPX-FM with a show "Virgin Vinyl" which predates Alternative radio. He left Tucson in 1986 to start up Alternative radio station KEYX-FM.

He organized his first large music festival for alternative station KUKQ in Phoenix, Arizona in 1989, years before the launch of festivals like Lollapalooza and the KROQ Weenie Roasts. For this reason, he is often called the “father of all radio festivals.”

In 2005 he returned form Los Angeles to create "Lopsided World Of L" which ran on Saturday mornings and Sunday evenings on KUPD-FM until he moved to Germany in 2010.

The "Lopsided World of L" is produced and presented internationally every week by Jonathan L from his flat in Berlin, Germany. Now in it's 9th year, the "Lopsided World of L" is broadcast across the planet from Los Angeles, Phoenix and Berlin. Also Athens, Greece, Gothenburg, Sweden, and Brasov, Romania.


Last year I was blessed to be nominated in a category that I belong "International Radio Personality" by YOU!

I do not do a morning show in one city, nor is LWOL heard in one city. All over the world, yes. So I fit. Yes?

Anyone can cast their nomination on All Access. You just sign up for free and nominate under the International category stated above. Whether you are a musician, listener, record label etc, you can vote for 2015.

For those of you did it last year, thank you again, and hopefully you still have your login info. Even though I did not win in the end, being nominated was a huge honour. Vote from any country. DANKE! Log in to http://www.allaccess.com/



  • Indie1031.com Los Angeles
  • KWSS 93.9 FM Phoenix
  • KINGFM.net Berlin, Germany
  • ROCK XS.com Athens, Greece
  • ROMANIAN ROCK RADIO Brasov, Romania
  • RADIO ANDRA.se Gothenburg, Sweden
  • Q1067 FM Mesa and East Valley Arizona

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