Kabbalah Study: Astral Projection: Techniques

How to achieve Astral Projection with and without drugs

By Robert Zucker

These pages are from the new books on Astral Projection techniques, "Twilight of Consciousness" with a section on inducing astral projections, conscious, or lucid, dreaming experiences with drugs and the book on mysticism, "Kabbalah's Secret Circles,"

Astral projection and conscious, or lucid, dreaming can be obtained by several simple steps. While some people prefer to enter the Astral World stoned, there are several methods that use drugs, and without drugs, to initiate that Astral experience.

Hallucinogenic drugs and psychedelic herbs have been used to achieve astral projection for centuries.

Almost every culture has some hallucinogenic plant, root, chemical or food that helps to bridge the gap between the astral world and the waking world. This is similar to lucid dreaming.

How drugs improve lucid dreaming and Astral Projection

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Several natural drugs and herbs can initiate an OBE (out of body experience) or induce an astral projection experience.

Merging the imagery world of dreams into waking consciousness is a major effect of astral projection drugs like LSD, mescaline, peyote, psilocybin and herbs like Datura, marijuana, among others, including herbal mixtures, man-made or altered chemicals.

Magic mushrooms and LSD have been the American cultures' choice of hallucinatory drugs. Their illegal designation, though, makes it difficult to conduct any credible scientific study in astral projection and lucid dreaming.

Drugs have an effect on the brain that release chemicals to make that gap less obvious. Hallucinations, dreamlike imagery and sounds are some of the side effect of ingesting mind-altering substances.

While using psychedelic drugs to astral project is one way to step into a dream, the other side effect of drugs is the loss of control to the drug.

The power of drugs can control the person who is trying to control the dream.

The same techniques to astral project are used whether using drugs or not. But, the drug user must have strong control of ones consciousness so not to be swallowed into the hallucination and go crazy.

Did you ever have a dream about being high and feel very intoxicated?

Mastering proper astral projection techniques first, then considering experimenting gives the projector more control over the astral plane.

Using psychedelic drugs to achieve astral projection

Most often, the types of hallucinogenic phenomena produced through the use of psychedelic drugs are simple and abstract geometric patterns, flashes of color or phosphones, bodily sensations, euphoria, depressive or manic feelings.

A psychedelic drug experienced in a darkened room, especially with music, arouses internal sensations, imagination and latent memories to emerge into awareness.

Serotonin- natural sleep and dream inducer

The use of psycho-active drugs as marijuana, hash-hish, opium, peyote, mescaline, LSD, psilocybin, and datura produce experiences similar to hypnogogic imagery without the physical paralysis associated with sleep.

These drugs alter a natural chemical balance in the brain. The stream of thought enters more fully into awareness. One reality may seem to be super-imposesd into another. The same mechanism which make dreams possible can be activated as hallucinations in the waking state.

That powerful chemical in the body with a major role to maintain waking and sleeping activity is called serotonin.

This naturally produced substance is secreted in the spinal cord and various parts of the brain. This is where it becomes an active agent to induce sleep and experience dreaming.

An increase in the production of serotonin cells in the body brings on sleep and eventual dreaming. When the supply of serotonin becomes decreased or depleted, there is also an uncontrollable discharge of vivid imagery, similar to hallucinations, which occur in the waking state or while taking powerful psychedelic drugs.

LSD and mescaline act upon serotonin brain chemicals to cause "waking hallucinations". The degree of imagery depends on the amount of serotonin produced naturally in the brain, or altered through drugs. An excess of serotonin excretion causes a "spill over" of REM (rapid eye movement) activity, the type of phy~ical responses noted during phases of dreaming.

A balanced production of this brain chemical seems to inhibit the emergence of imagery into awareness. Food as bananas, nuts, milk and proteins contain serotonin or tryptophan. One bananna contains several milligrams, enough to alter body chemistry.

Serotonin effects the spinal cord. It inhibits physical movement while asleep. A dissociation between the dreaming brain and the immobilized spinal cord prevent us from acting out or dreams. If we dream of running a race, this chemical aids to control us from jumping out of bed while dreaming. We react as though the dream is a real experience. With an adequate production of serotonin, the bodycontines to sleep without much physical movement.

About 10% of the serotonin-containing cells are found in the brain. The thalmus, hypothalmus, pineal gland ("Third Eye Chakrah"), cortex and basal ganglia all have concentrations of serotonin.

Drowsiness before sleep increases serotonin production in the midbrain, called the reticular system. This part of the brain has an significant role to regulate consciousness and arousal. As sleep progresses, certain centers in the primitve part of the brain, called the raphe center, increase their output of serotonin. Slow, spaced, synchronized impulses are oscillated throughout the brain from this region.

Alpha rhythm slows down to a few cycles of electrical brain activity each second. Theta waves begin to dominate at a slower, relaex pace. Drowsiness sets in. Sometimes, the semi-awareness of hypnogogic imagery is caught inbetween consciousness.

Note: I recently published a book on astral projection techniques, "Twilight of Consciousness," and a book on the legends and history of the Kabbalah called, Kabbalah's Secret Circles. Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. Also, download other free books on Kabbalah.


Allegory of drugs and The four rabbis who entered the Garden

The famous story of the four Kabbalistic Rabbis who entered the Garden of Eden and each had a life-changing experience applies to taking drugs while attempting to astral project.

Three of the rabbis did not return from the Garden without some kind of harm. While Rabbi Akiba had the knowledge to enter and leave without succumbing to the Garden's temptations.

The same holds true when taking drugs to astral project. The danger is not being in control at a crucial moment. Just like the drunk driver who misses a stop light and crashes, the drugged astral projector could get caught into an uncontrollable living nightmare. Dreams and drugs can be a toxic mix.

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