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The mysterious legend of the golem

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert ZuckerNew book on the how to create a golem through the legends and history of Kabbalah and the Book of Creation, Kabbalah's Secret Circles! Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. This page contains notes from the book.

By Robert Zucker

For thousands of years, the notion that human beings can infuse a soul into an inanimate object and create a golem has persisted in nearly every culture.

There are numerous fables and rumors about creatures brought to life with the use of mystical words and techniques. These objects take on human form, move like a robot, but can become dangerous if mishandled. The most famous handbook to create a golem is the Hebrew "Sefer Yetzirah," known as the Book of Formation (Creation) in English.

Creating a Golem

golemThe Jewish golem is probably the most famous of all creatures-that-come-to-life legends.

The golem of Prague is the focus of many golem books. Frankenstein is another legendary celebrity.

The golem is the Hebrew concept of a body without a soul. Golems are living creatures brought to life using a combination of mystical incantations and objects. They are complicated to create, difficult to manage, and a risk to attempt.

The Golem Index

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Techniques to create a golem

(above) Instructions in Hebrew on how to create a golem from Rabbi Eleazar of Wormes (Worms). Abulafia and other Jewish mystics have their own instructions on golem creation.


What is a Jewish golem?

A golem is the creation of clay with the infusion of the breath of life. Read about the scientific theory of life from clay.

Legend explains how to use the Kabbalah to create a golem. The ancient Hebrew manuscript "Sefer Yetzirah" has been attributed to a source of golem creation from inert material. But, no where in this manual is a step-by-step guide on creating a golem. Yet, there are hints. Read about the Book or Creation.

"Golem" is the Hebrew word for an unformed mass or body. When you "roll" (GL) the body into a form, and utter phrases over its body, you can bring the golem to life.

The Jewish mysticism methods handed down over the centuries are usually the same- form a body for the golem; create a mantra to utter over it; transfer your soul or some named soul into the golem through your breath; and often, put a parchment with some sacred writings inside its mouth or write on its forehead.

The golem is suppose to move on its own- an independent automaton. Today's version of the cyborg.

Techniques to create a golem

There are many variations on how this way actually done. But all agree- it can be done.

In Jewish mysticism, the "Sefer Yetzirah" (Book of Creation or Book of Formation) holds the key to the actual instructions to form the mantra or spell that induces the transfer. The Book of Creation was originally written in Hebrew, then translated into Latin, Yiddish and other languages, including many versions in English.

The English versions are often based on Latin translations which were not very clear in understanding Jewish mysticism. Christian Kabbalah is often slanted toward religious philosophies not found in Judaism. hence, many misunderstandings and distortions in translations occured- and persist to this day.

The Kabbalah and Jewish mysticism is intertwined in the creation of a golem. Reciting the combination of the Hebrew letters with each other, then the letters with the vowels produces a substantial change in consciousness- the golem emerges. More about techniques used to create a golem...

Piecing a golem together

On this web site, the keys can be found to make this miracle of life happen, according to the great Jewish rabbis who left clues for the Golemfuture generations to rediscover. Those keys begins with some of the recommended books and studies found on these pages.

The golem is real. It has been documented in science that the inanimate can animate under the right conditions.

Electricity brings our world to life by self-powering almost everything we use- TVs, ACs, lights computers, refrigerators, even robots. Portable batteries carry small amounts of energy without the need for cables or wires.

We accept this transfer of energy as commonplace and expect it to assist in our lifestyle.

Robots are today's golems. Their life force is induced by electricity to conduct specifically programmed activities- build cars, bottle and package foods and other items. In the next few years, you will be able to buy portable robots that will vacuum your carpet by itself. Those robots will be available for sale through here soon!

There aren't any recent reports of golem making, either in books on the Internet web pages or blogs. If you know of anyone who has created a golem, email this site and share your story.

There are so many techniques and "authoritative" instructions on how to create a golem, or bring a golem to life.

But many of them lack the details needed to know how to construct the creature. Most of the techniques are described in books about Rabbi Lowe of Prague and his creation of a golem. But, these stories are just stores from the authors and may not have much substance. Read about the different methods used to create a Golem..


Kabbalah's Secret Circles

"Sefer Yetzirah"- the Book of Formation Book or Creation) the manual to create a golem

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