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By Robert Zucker

The Hindus call the rite of animation "Prana-pratishtha."

Its object is to transmit, by means of psychic emanations, the engery of the adorer into an inanimate object. The life infused into it, is maintained by the daily worship of it. If this ailment, of a subtle nature fails, the living soul placed in the object dies of inanition and returns to inert matter. For this reason, in part, the Hindus judge it lameworthy to suspend the daily rites before images which have been "animated" unless they received life for a period limited to the duration of a particular ceremony at the end of which they are considered "dead" and are cast, with much ceremony into a holy river. (A. David Neel, "Mystiques et magciens du Tibet and Initations lamaiques; "Magic, Rites & Hist. p158)

The rite but which Rabbis animate the golem may be compared with the Tibetan ceremony, that of the dubtobs, i.e. "those who have succeeded" and "accomplised." The dubtobs can create tulpas that are similar to robots which can be controlled at will, but manage to acquire an autonomous personality.

The Anamese socerers, the thay phap, use a human figure, made of straw, wood or paper which they animate them with breath and which they cover with a magical formula. These dolls, become "living" and follows the will of its creator, to destroy, kill discover, etc. ("Vide," Alexandra David-Neel, Renseigments secrets dans les sectes boudhistes thibaines, p132 and J. Marques-Riviere, "Amutlettes, talismens et pentacles, p55; Magic, Rites and History, p100

A rite of enchantment consists esentially in the making of a doll, the DAGYDE (from GK dagos, doll),

in the likeness of the person and containing some nail pairings, hair, portions of clothing belong to him, and soaked with his sweat or blood. The enchantment is effected by piercing the doll with a needle in the "heart" or upper part of the body it is sought to affect the victim.

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