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A New Interactive Software Program to Study Sefer Yetzirah and the Qabalah!

The VirtualQBL Keys Project is a Kabbalah software program, being developed by Robert Zucker, with interactive capabilities, text translations of qabalistic manuscripts from Hebrew to English, discussions on individual words and phrases, and other features. This digital project started in the mid 1980s and is being refined with updated programming.

This Kabbalah software is not yet available for public distribution. Several methods are being considered.

Email Bob Zucker if you want more information or would like to be informed when the program is available.

Qabbalah QBL Keys (Kabbala)

Advancement is being made in integrated all of the QBL Keys into a functional program for public use. I am amazed at the ability to be able to look up correspondences, make changes in the text fields, read the Sefer Yetzirah worb by word in English and Hebrew, as well as spin the 231 Gates forward and backward.

Hopefully, I'll be releasing a demo program- a sample version for public testing- later in 2008. Copies of the Kabbalah software will be available through this web page. Qabalists and FileMaker Pro developers will be sought to test the software program. If you are interested in a copy of this Kabbalah program when ready, please email Bob.


The QBL program has grown so large, it needs to be broken down into several pieces to run smoothly and be more affordable. While running on FileMaker Pro, the program is able to sort correspondences and provide a good study of the "Sefer Yetzirah" and related concepts found in Qabalah.

I decided to prepare the release of the first QBL Key- the "32 Paths Key" which covers the first chapter of the Book of Formation verse by verse with several tables of correspondences of the 32 paths, 22 letters (3 Mothers, 7 doubles, 12 simples) and 6 directions. I am including my own commentary, charts, correspondences and notes, but it is possible to add your own commentaries and notes into the text fields and change any correspondence.

For years I have been using this program for my own study. During that time, it has been refined and redesigned many times for better use, ease of navigation and added complexity. Nowhere else have I found a software solution to work as well to make sense of all of this qabalistic nonsense.

As the final preparation for the 32 Keys is done, sample images and pdfs will be posted for viewing. The main page has already changed several times since the photo above was posted. I hope to post some new images soon.

2/18/07: Experimentation these past few months with a social networking Internet program has produced a prototype for a web-based global QBL. Plans to integrate the Filemaker Pro solution with the web based program will be tested out during the spring and summer.

A FileMaker Pro 8.5 database has been set up and a template is being tested. This is really interesting to be able to access information this way, but it still does not do the functions I expect before it can be released to the public.

If you are among the dozens who have emailed these past months, you will be contacted when a sample test group is ready to go online. CDs of the FileMaker database may also be avallable to use offline.

11/01/06: FileMaker Pro 8.5 has been ordered as an upgrade to the independent release of the QBL Keys project. The great feature of this program is that is the web-integrated. That means, embedded web pages can deliver updated content in a stand-alone program (with a web connection).

Registered subscribers could download the FileMaker program (not necessary to have the actual program installed- this is a stand alone version). Then, when connected online, certain pages would display updated content, graphics, charts, even social networking options!

9-1-06: In the past months, I've received a number of email and phone calls from interested Qabalists around the world about my progress in developing a computer program for Qabalah study.

I'm making progress modifying FileMaker Pro databases to cross reference the 22 letters with the 231 gates (and 10 sephiroth). This lead to the development of a Hebrew dictionary I used in a database translation of the "Sefer Yetzirah" both chapter by chapter and another database word by word. This further lead to the creation of partial translated versions of "Sefer Raziel" and "Ha'Olam HaBa."

This developed into creating more databases. It's been several years in the making. Each database - there are over a dozen now - is finally collected together into the QBL Keys.

(Left: The "Master Key" that links to 15 different databases called "Keys." Each Key is an interactive collection of information in both English and Hebrew to guide in the study of Qabalah and the Sefer Yetzirah.)

All these linked databases are called "Keys." Each Key is interconnected with data from other Keys so different parts of Qabalah and Sefer Yetzirah can be studied. So far, there are 15 Keys.

It's a computerized copy of the Sefer Yetzirah and other popular study tools in a comprehensive computer program. No where else has this been done before.

Most of the templates are done- but there is much more data to be added to make the Keys complete. By far, it is more complete than many books on the subject. Yet, there are decades of handwritten notes, comments and observations to still add into these Keys. There is also the need to keep testing these Keys myself to make sure they work. But, of course, as I work with these Keys, I keep learning more!

Content can be added, edited and deleted at anytime in any of the Keys. That makes it possible for the entire QBL Keys to grow with your own personal development. The Keys are being designed as an extension of ones own existence.

The Keys have the ability to cross reference. When content is added into one Key, it appears in other related Keys. There are many charts, tables and correlations. Many tables can be updated and changed when new connections are made or corrected.

Think: 777. Crowley would be proud.


The release of Filemaker 8.5 makes it possible to embed web pages in Filemaker solutions. It also has other features that can enhance the QBL Keys.

While I am just getting used to the features of 8.0, when I upgrade and configure the web option, the QBL Keys should be ready for public release. It won't be necessary to have FileMaker to make the Keys work. This will be a stand-alone program that can run on both PC and Macs. I'm working on ways to be able to update the Keys and add on new Keys.

I am overwhelmed by the complexity, yet simplicty, of the Keys.

They are organized by the Practical Qabalah- the letters and combinations; the Theoretical Qabalah- chapter and word by word translations and comments from several Qabalistic manuscripts. Each word is disected by letter. Also comments from Kaplan, Sholem and other authors are included with my own. The Resource Keys keep the basic information organized.

The books on the right were used to gather some of the information included in these Keys. It is highly recommended to have a copy handy while using the Keys. So, while I am finishing this project, there is plenty of reading for you to do.

To acquire a copy of the QBL Keys, e-mail me ([email protected]) with your interest. When the QBL Keys are completed, I'll email you with details how to purchase a copy. Hopefully, it can be in CD and download formats. There may be a shareware version to "test drive" the Keys.

Content of the QBL Keys (may change). Links to sections on this site that provide some information are included:

Practical Qabalah Keys- Hew, Chisel and Spin:

  • Root Letters- the 22 letters with related correspondences in the 3 realms
  • 231 Gates- pairs of letters, like flashcards, that follow the path described in most books
  • Tzeruf- spin the letters, make your own combinations

Theoretical Qabalah Keys- Manuscripts:

Resources of Qabalah Study Keys

  • Bibliography
  • Dictionary
  • Time Line- follow the history of the Sefer Yetzirah
  • Golem- the tools to use the Keys
  • Charts, including the Tree of Life and the 72 Names

This web section will be updated with examples of the QBL Keys and this page will contain updates on progress. For more information e-mail [email protected].

"Sefer Yetzirah,
The Book of Formation"
The Book of Creation

By Aryeh Kaplan

Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel Raziel (Hardcover)
by Steve Savedow (Editor)

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