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The 72 Names of the Angels

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Sometime during the Middle Ages the use of the 72 Holy Names of God became corrupted by secular “magicians” who used the names to conjure angels to conduct their nefarious biddings.

Medieval grimoires that were circulated among the masses only encouraged the unlearned to attempt dangerous acts that many people believed could influence others and nature. To declare the angels’ full name, two vowels were added at the end of the Triplet. This signified the proper reference– either EL for an angel of mercy or YaH to represent an angel of judgement.

The Hebrew word El is found in other Semitic languages as Phoenician and Aramaic. YH is another suffix used to substitute the Hebrew name of God. Since only the high priests were only allowed to speak the Holy Name (Ha Shem), and only on High Holy Days, substitutions were made by using “nicknames” such as Adonoy, YaH, EL, etc.

The angel’s name was composed of one of the Triplets and one of two suffixes (A-L or Y-H). With this method, the name of the first angel, Vehuiah V-H-V-Y-H is formed. This is demonstrated on the following chart in the upper right column (indicated next to the four descending X’s– read from top down). Thus, the second angel name would be Ieliel YLVAL (?????).

The 72 Names produced a list of the 72 Angels. Their names were published in medieval magic grimoires such as the LEMEGETON. The Names were used invoke miracles, healings and other superhuman powers among Christian Cabalists. Each angel had his own power, sigil, influence, correspondence in nature, and particular Biblical passage of beings called the Sons of God.

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Read more sample chapters and download a free PDF sample compliments of the author from the book, Kabbalah's Secret Circles.

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