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Abraham’s Book of Holy Letters

Kabbalah's Secret Circles by Robert E. Zucker

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After Moses died, tradition says that the secrets contained in the Oral Tradition were transmitted from generation to generation until it was written down by Abraham, the Father of the Jewish people.

Abraham was born in the Jewish year of 1948 after Creation (1800 BCE).

No copy of Abraham’s original “book” had been preserved, although some parts of it may have been inscribed centuries later. The ancient manuscript SEFER YETZIRAH had been called “Otiyyot de-Avraham Avinu” – “Letters of Abraham Our Father.”

It doesn’t necessarily mean he composed the book, instead, it alludes to the principles that were taught by Abraham. Nevertheless, Abraham has been attributed to be the author of the text mainly because his name is mentioned at the end of numerous early copies of the SEFER YETZIRAH.

According to a statement in ROKEAH (Hasidut Zakuyyut ‘Arum), at age 48, Abraham was moved by the deeds of the generation of the Tower of Babel to reflect on God and the universe. Abraham meditated on the laws of creation before he received his first revelation from God.

The legend says that Abraham contemplated these concepts for three years by himself, until he became so wise he wrote down the words to what would be known as the SEFER YETZIRAH.

Then, God appeared to Abraham. He “took him unto Himself, kissed him, called him His friend, and made a covenant with him and his descendants forever,” according to the SEFER YETZIRAH.

Abraham practiced those principles upon his conversion from idol worshipper to the religion of the One God. One passage in Genesis tells where Abraham and his wife, Sarah, were instructed by God to gather “the souls they had gotten in Haran.”

This phrase has been interpreted mystically to mean that Abraham “created” these souls, or golem, with the knowledge found in the BOOK OF FORMATION– the SEFER YETZIRAH.

The true meaning of this passage has been in debate for centuries. Did Abraham actually create artificial beings or did he only convert those souls to his following? The debate has continued for centuries. The spiritual and creative power inherent in the Hebrew letters of the alphabet was the catalyst that could produce wondrous deeds.

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Read more sample chapters and download a free PDF sample compliments of the author from the book, Kabbalah's Secret Circles.

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