Kabbalah: Sefer Raziel

How to translate the Sefer Raziel

By Robert Zucker

These pages are from the new book on the legends and history of the Kabbalah and the Sefer Raziel, Kabbalah's Secret Circles, Read some of the chapters and download a free PDF sample of the book to preview. Also, download other free books on Kabbalah.

Owning copy of the mystical Sefer Raziel in Hebrew is not very useful unless it can be understood.

There are several web sites that provide online word, phrase or page translations for free.

It is a tedious process to cut and paste, or type, each Hebrew word, but the word-by-word translations are most reliable by the top two translation sites- Google's free translation page.

You do not have to know how to read Hebrew since these software translators do it for you. Just copy and paste the Hebrew into the translator and it will provide a reasonable translation.

Paste only a phrase of a few sentences at a time. These translators are smart, but only understand small portions of text. You can see the difference by having a larger portion translated.

The way I have been translating this book on my own is by scanning each page (using an HP scanner with ReadIris 12 software- which has Hebrew OCR capability). The page is converted into Hebrew and saved into Mellel Hebrew word processor (although any text program will do if your computer has a Hebrew keyboard available).

On the Macintosh, you can change your keyboard from English (displayed on the menu bar with the American flag) or Hebrew (showing a Star of David). Check your System Preferences or menu bar to make changes when typing in Hebrew. Switch back to English when you want the words to be in English.

If Hebrew is not an option on your computer, you may need to buy Hebrew fonts to install into your system. I use Hebrew font software.

Download "Book of the Angel Raziel"

The Sepher Reziel, also called Sefer Raziel, or Razial, is available for a free download. This ten page English translation, author unknown, is called The Book of the Great Reziel (also spelled as Raziel). The Book of Raziel is in the public domain.

The download link will open a new window for PDF file. Save the file to your computer hard drive.

Obtaining a print copy of the Sefer Raziel

Several sources on Amazon sell paperback copies of the Sefer Raziel in Hebrew and English. This is the best source to buy a printed edition.

Sefer RazielSefer Raziel haMalach
(Hebrew Edition)
Sefer Raziel

This is an original Hebrew version book on the "Sefer Raziel" from Amazon. Paperback. This reprint is being made available at cost by Publish Your Sefer.com in partnership with Hebrew Books.org. 2012 edition, 98 pages. 7.8 x 0.2 x 9 inches.

Sefer RazielSefer Raziel  Sepher Rezial Hemelach: The Book of the Angel RezialSefer Raziel

This is the first English translation from ancient Hebrew of the rare and complete 1701 Amsterdam edition by Steve Savedow. Includes an explanatory text on the holy names of God, the divisions of Heaven and Hell, and the names and hierarchy of the angels and spirits. Paperback: 320 pages. Publisher: Weiser Books (December, 2000). Language: English. Although it is comprehensive and has translations of the text, there has been controversy over Savedow's translations. It is a good starting point if you can't read Hebrew.

Sefer RazielSefer Raziel  Sepher Raziel: A Sixteenth Century English Grimoire (Sourceworks of Ceremonial Magic Series)Sefer Raziel  

This volume also includes a foreword which offers an overview of the Sepher Raziel manuscripts, which represent a number of independent traditions. It includes an essay on the literature of Solomonic magic in English, an introduction to the Sepher Raziel manuscript presented, an appendix on incense nomenclature as a supplement to Tractatus Thymiamatus, a list of printed notices and manuscript sources of Sepher Raziel, and a full bibliography of printed works on Solomonic magic and items of related interest. 296 pages. Publisher: Llewellyn Publications (September 8, 2010). This book is highly recommended as a reliable source of information.

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