Kabbalah: Sefer Yetzirah

The Text of "Sefer Yetzirah" the Book of Creation

By Robert Zucker

The following translation of the ancient mystical manuscript of the "Sefer Yetzirah" is from decades of researching, translations and examination. There are several versions of the book that have been circulating for centuries. Read more editions of Sefer Yetzirah.

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Translation of "The Book of Creation" Chapter One

With 32 wonderous ways of wisdom, YAH, the Lord of Hosts, the Gd of Israel, the Living GD (El SHADAI), Omnipotent GD, extolled, Dweller up above whose habitation is eternity.

His Name high and holy engraved His name, covenanted, drilled, and created his universe in 32 mysterious paths of wisdom through 3 Sepharim;

S'fer (book)= writing (letters)
S'for (counting)= number
Sippur (telling)= speech (sounds)

Robert Zucker's "Spirit of Kabbalah (Qabalah)" copyright 1976Ten Sephiroth (numbers) made of Nothingness
Twenty-two foundation Letters.

Of these 22 letters, 3 are called "Mothers," 7 called "Doubles" and 12 are called "Simple" letters.

Ten Sephiroth as the number of ten fingers five paralleling 5 the Covenant set in the middle the way of the tongue makes the word the Naked Word.

Ten Sephiroth of Nothingness. Ten and not Nine. Ten and not Eleven. Understand this wisely. Search it out intelligently. Measure them, Search out from them. Know and consider. Then, Be Silent: Set the Word at its Origin and return the Maker to His Place. For He is the maker creating alone. He has no peer and Their number is Ten, and They have no end.

Ten Sephiroth made of nothing. Break your heart from thinking too quickly. Break your mouth from speaking. If you heart races ahead, return. For it is said: "the creatures ran and returned." The Covernant was made for this.

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. Their end is lodged in their beginning. Their beginning is Their end, a flame and a coal. Know, then consider. Then, be silent: that the Lord is unique. The Maker is one. He has no peer. What number comes before One?

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. Their number is Ten and They have no end. The range of beginning. The range of end. The range of good The range of evil. The range of height. The range of depth. The range of east. The range of west. The range of north. The range of south. Only Lord, Gd Faithful King, patient of all from the Residence of His Holiness to Eternity

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. Their appearance is the look of lightning. Their disappearance: They have no end. His Word is in them as they come and go. At his command They race like the whirwind and bow before His throne.

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. 22 Foundation Letters; 3 Mothers; 7 Doubles; 12 Simples. The spirit wind in each of them.

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. The first: The Spirit wind of Living Gd. His throne set from the beginning. Blessed the Name of Eternal Life, forever continually. Voice, and Spirtwind, and Speech;

The Speech; the Holy Spirtwind; Origin without beginning. End beyond ending.

Ten Sephiroth made of Nothing. The first: The spirit wind of Living Gd. The second: Wind from the Spiritwind. The third: Water from the Wind. The fourth: Fire from the Water, and height and depth, and East and West, and North and South.

The second: Wind from the Spiritwind; He carved and lawed by them: the four winds of the skies, East and West. The Spirtwind in each of them.

The third: Water from Wind. He carved and lawed by them: Tohu and Bohu. Mud and Clay. He made them a garden. Set them a wall. Roofed them with plaster. Poured .i.snow; upon them and it became dust as it is said: "He said to the snow "Be earth."

Tohu a green line which surrounds the world. Bohu; stones leveled and sunk in the Deep water comes out from between them

The fourth: Fire from Water;. He carved and lawed by it: Glory Throne, .Serafim, Ofanim, Creatures of Holy; they are Serving Angels.

From the 3 of them, He founded His place. As it is said: "He makes His angels spiritwinds. His servents a flaming fire."

The fifth: Sealed the height. He chose three of the simple letters, fixed by His Great Name- YHV, sealed by them the 6 directions: He turned Up Sealed it by HYV.

The sixth: Sealed the under. He turned Below; Sealed it with YVH.

The seventh: Sealed the east. Turned before; Sealed it by VYH.

The eight: Sealed west. Turned behind; Sealed it by VHY.

The ninth: Sealed south. Turned right; Sealed it by YHV.

The tenth: Sealed north. Turned left Sealed it by HVY.

These are the ten Sephiroth made of Nothing: The first: The Spiritwind of Living Gd. The second: Wind from the spiritwind. Thei third: Water fromn Wind. The fourth: Fire from the Water, and height, and depth, and East, and West, and North, and South.

When Abraham our Father came into this life, He looked, He saw, He explored, He articulated, He placed, He engraved, He combined, He structured and he elevated with his hands, and the Lord of All appeared to him in vision and He set him in His bosom and He kissed him on his head and He called him "Abraham my Love"; and He cut a covenant with him and with his.i. seed; forever and He cut a covenant with him between the ten fingers of his hands which the the covenant of his tongue; and He cut a covenant with him between the ten toes of his feet which the covenant of circumcision and He tied the 22 letters of the Torah in his tongue and He reveleaed to him His secret:

He drew the through Water. He burned them in Fiire. He shook the through Air. He kindled them in the 7. He led them through the 12 constellations.

"Book of Formation"
12 constellations
22 letters of the Torah in his tongue and He reveleaed to him His secret
"Abraham my Love"
"He said to the snow "Be earth."
Sealed the under. He turned Below
"the creatures ran and returned." The Covernant was made for this.

More translations to come.

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Sefer YetzirahSefer Yetzirah  Sefer Yetzirah: The Book of CreationSefer Yetzirah  

By Aryeh Kaplan. This is the most authoritative text on the study of the "Sefer Yetzirah" or Book of Formation (Book of Creation). Kaplan's explanations are easy to understand and make common sense. Hebrew with English translations in great detail and insight. A must have manual for anyone ready to decipher this ancient manuscript. Paperback: 398 pages. Publisher: Weiser Books; Rev. Sub edition (May 1997). Language: English.

Sefer YetzirahSefer Yetzirah  Book of Formation or Sepher Yetzirah: Attributed to Rabbi Akiba Ben JosephSefer Yetzirah  

By Arthur Edward Waite (Editor, Introduction), Knut Stenring (Translator) and R. A. Gilbert (Foreword).Stenring has made a word-for-word translation from several texts, choosing only those parts which he believed to be authentic. He reveals the textís secrets in his diagrams, tables, and extensive notes. His "Master Key to the Theoretical and Practical Kabala" is a diagram of the correspondences between the English and Hebrew alphabets and is not found in other translations of the Sepher Yetzirah. The introduction by Waite surveys the historical background of the Sepher Yetzirah translations and the import of this foundational Kabbalistic text. Knut Stenring was a Swedish Hebrew scholar. He published this work in 1923 and it is regarded as a major resource, although some translations are dubious. 78 pages from Ibis Press (June 2004).

Sefer YetzirahSefer Yetzirah  Sepher YetzirahSefer Yetzirah

By W. Wynn Westcott (Author) A selection from INTRODUCTION: The "Sepher Yetzirah," or "Book of Formation," is perhaps the oldest Rabbinical treatise of Kabalistic philosophy which is still extant. The great interest which has been evinced of 1ate years in the Hebrew Kabalah, and the modes of thought and doctrine allied to it, has induced me to translate this tractate from the original Hebrew texts, and to collate with them the Latin versions of mediaeval authorities; and I have also published An Introduction to the Kabalah which may be found useful to students. Three important books of the "Zohar," or "Book of Splendour," which is a great storehouse of Kabalistic teaching, have been translated into English by S. L. MacGregor Mathers, and the "Sepher Yetzirah" in an English translation is almost a necessary companion to these abstruse disquisitions: the two books indeed mutually explain each other. Sepher Yetzirah (Paperback: 48 pages). Publisher: Kessinger Publishing (December 30, 2005). Language: English (Format: Kindle Edition). File Size: 226 KB. Print Length: 112 pages. Publisher: Oak Grove (March 20, 2008). Sold by: Amazon Digital Services.

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