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Deciphering special sequences of the Hebrew letters has become a popular activity among non-Qabalistics .Some people call it the "Torah Codes", or the "Bible Code," and others, "Bible Codes" Either way, the Bible Codes are one of the most fascinating discoveries of this century.

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Robert Zucker's "Spirit of Kabbalah (Qabalah)" copyright 1976Torah Codes ("Torah" is the Hebrew name of the Old Testament- the Five Books of Moses) are juxtaposition Hebrew letters that can allegedly spell out words that claim to forecast (at that time) major world events. The codes, hidden within the scripts of the Old Testament, are deciphered by using mathematical formulas.

Torah Code and Bible Code terms are interchangeable. Jewish scholars prefer to use Torah Code (or variants of Gematria), while Christian students of Qabalah (Kabbal) tend to use the Bible Code term.

Computer software programs for both Windows and Apple Macintosh are available to take out the calculating effort and make it more mechanical.

The Torah or Bible Codes refers to the discovery of Equidistant Letter Sequence (ELS) Codes in the original version of the Hebrew Bible. The Hebrew Bible describes in detail, people and events. Encoded in the text are words and phrases that describe people and events, and many times related words are found clustered together, to form a code.

The Bible Codes definitely exist. They foretell names and places of events throughout human history: Holocaust, Saddam Husein, Aids and The Asian Tsunami. These matters are powerful, hidden and enormous secrets.

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Torah Code software is more sophisticated

Deciphering the Torah Code by hand is extremely time consuming and can produce errors, With today's technology, that task can be completed within seconds. There are quite a few software programs to choose from that have greater accuracy and features than ever before.

Five popular and useful software program CD-ROMs have been selected. These CDs will run on Windows operating system, but not all compatible with macintosh (Mac, Apple computers).

Bible Codes Plus - 2000 CD. Is a new software program that can decode any event or name, including your own or your families! Past, present and future events, encoded 3,000 years ago in the Bible Can now be decoded by computer!

An ancient tradition states that God dictated the first five books of the Bible - the Torah - to Moses, in a precise letter by letter sequence, Which encodes historic facts, past, present and future. In 1994, scientists at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem published and article in the scholarly journal Statistical Science reporting their Discovery of the Bible Codes, decoded with the help of computers.

Since that time, the Bible Codes have become the center of international Interest and intense debate. Exclusive Know-no-Hebrew technology opens the Bible Codes to millions of English speaking people!

Bible Codes 2000 uses the same process of equidistant skip intervals, discovered by the codes encrypted in the Hebrew Scriptures, with the addition of a unique, amazing feature; Automatic translation from English to Hebrew and from Hebrew to English! This is allows the English speaking user to search the Hebrew text without any knowledge of Hebrew. The user enters an English search word, the program automatically translates it to Hebrew, searches the text, and retrieve the Hebrew codes found and shows their English translation!

With the Bible Codes 2000 you can search the Bible for any event or name, including your own or your families! You can enter any English word or name, and Bible Codes plus will translate or transliterate it to Hebrew and search to see if it is encoded in the Bible. When the code is found, the program tells you list of all the Hebrew words found in close proximity and shows their English translation. The program includes a powerful bilingual English / Hebrew - Hebrew / English dictionary, a user expandable bilingual dictionary, a list of 2000 biblical names and bilingual list over 3000 first names. Bible Codes 2000 is a generation ahead of any other codes program.

Torah Codes 2000 CD has the original Hebrew text of the Bible and complete English text of the Bible. English Concordance with Hypertext. Hyper-Speed Global Bible search. Unlimited word search throughout the Bible. Search for, word, root, begin letter, end letter, & Skip. Instant forward and backward search. Virtual on screen Hebrew keyboard. Built in Hebrew/English Dictionary. See more on Torah Codes 2000 - The Ultimate Bible Codes Software Analysis ToolTorah Code

Torah Codes 2000 also has a built-in English to Hebrew transliterator and includes Know No Hebrew technology, English to Hebrew name converter, English Dates to Hebrew Date converter. Sort results by skip or occurrence. The program saves your search commands for easy retrieval, edits, reformats and does additional searching on saved work. Import/Export your search results and commands. Internet/email download and upload also available.

Link your own notes to search results and commands. Automatic on screen tables of search results. Search tables for additional results in all directions. Unlimited colors for highlighting key words in text and tables. Gematria System automatically linked to Bible text. Gematria look up of Word, Phrase, and sentence. Letter Substitution. Letter Analysis. Verse, Word, and Letter count. Bible statistics Query, and Search. Everything is printable in full color.

Kabbalah and Torah Code Books

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Twilight of Consciousness by Robert E. Zucker"Twilight of Consciousness: Explore your Dreams with Master Astral Projection" provides practical techniques and methods to achieve lucid dreaming and astral projection experiences.


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Decoding the Past - Secrets of Kabbalah (History Channel)Kabbalah DVD. An ancient inspirational form of Jewish mysticism Kabbalah has now reached cult-like popularity among celebrities and throughout America. But what is behind the new-found fascination with this sacred body of wisdom?Once exclusively reserved for study by ultra-religious male scholars of Judaism Kabbalah has recently become known as a multi-million dollar celebrity-endorsed phenomenon.

Inner Meaning of the Hebrew LettersTorah CodeBy Robert Haralick. This book-length meditation on the Hebrew alphabet offers profound insights into many important ideas found in Jewish thought. From time immemorial, the Hebrew alphabet has been considered to be more than a collection of individual letters. Indeed, the essence of each letter of the Hebrew alphabet can be seen as a fundamental building block of the world. Jewish scholars throughout the ages have meditated on these letters, deriving spiritual inspiration in the process. In The Inner Meaning of the Hebrew Letters, Robert M. Haralick looks closely at each of the Hebrew characters, helping us to gain insight from this remarkable tradition.

Torah Codes: A Glimpse into the InfiniteTorah Code By Robert Haralick. A book about Jewish spirituality, Torah Code Table Analysis. It also has detailed information about the equidistant letter skip code analysis of the Bible. Discussion of the Torah Code Controversy. Refutation of the Bible code critics. Articles about World Trade Center terror attack, Spanish terror attack, Breslan terror attack in code findings. Torah Commentary about end of days & messiah.

 Unlocking the Bible CodesTorah Code CD-ROM. Automatic Hebrew-English translation. Multiple search & cross search capabilities. Multi-media tutorial presentation and 70,000 word English-Hebrew dictionary. Codes highlighted in bright colors and geometric shapes. Interactive help and Self-teaching capability. Product Dimensions: 7.5 x 5.3 x 0.5 inches. Shipping Weight: 7 ounces. Date first available at Amazon.com: December 27, 2007.

Bible Codes Plus - Most advanced, most complete Bible codes program ever developed!Torah Code This program includes a powerful bilingual English / Hebrew - Hebrew / English dictionary, a user expandable bilingual dictionary, a list of 2000 biblical names and bilingual list over 3000 first names. Bible Codes 2000 is a generation ahead of any other codes program.

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