Kabbalah: Golem: Life from Clay

Golem: Life from clay theory

By R. Zucker

Did life actually evolve from earth rather than water? An evolving concept known as Life from Clay Theory is based on the idea that clay, as a substance with it transferance properties, provides the necessary factor to spark life from organic matter.

The theory of the golem is based on the concept that life can be embedded into a solid substance, i.e. earth. In golem folklore, the body is formed from the earth.

According to an article in the "New York Times":

Scientists from California claim they support the emerging theory that life on Earth began in clay rather than the sea.

The discovery, announced at a symposium, showed that ordinary clay contains two basic properties essential to life: the capacities to store and transfer energy.

With such energy, coming from radioactive decay and other sources, the early clays could have acted as "chemical factories" for processing inorganic raw materials into the more complex molecules from which the first life arose some 4 billion years ago.

In their analysis of common ceramic clay, the scientists said they found evidence that "mistakes" made normally and repeatedly in the formation of clay crystals presumably create the condition by which the material traps energy and holds it for perhaps thousands of years.

Such defect in the clay microstructure could also be sites for storing information necessary to direct the chemical reactions and organize the eventual proto-organisms.

It would seem that an accumulation of chemical mistakes led to life on Earth.

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