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Dining out at JJs' Cantina- Cholla Bay's entertainment landmark

JJ's Catina Cholla Bay

A party spot for more than two decades

The popular spot in Choya Bay (Cholla) is JJ's Cantina, a beachfront restaurant for over two decades.

Partying at JJ's Cantina is a favorite entertainment spot and pasttime for vacationers in Rocky Point.

While JJ's Cantina is not in Rocky Point, it is often referred to as a Rocky Point hangout.

The legendary saying about JJ's: "if you haven't been to JJs' then you haven't been to Rocky Point."

JJs is a popular drinking hang out about 3 miles west of Sandy Beach, along a long dirt road into the town of Cholla Bay.

JJ's Cantina serves both Mexican and American food made on site. Eat fresh chicken, shrimp, beef tacos, hamburgers, fries and chimichangas. Check JJ's Cantina's website for event schedules and a tide calendar.

JJ's has hosted the Fishing Derby, OTL Softball, One Club Open Golf, Bathtub Races, Whiplash Races and Sail Boat Races. JJs is well known for its Fishing Derbies and Bath Tub races. JJ's Cantina is also known for the JJ's Cantina Angler of the Year Fishing Tournament. Reportedy, JJ's is for sale for about $4.7m!

JJ's Cantina Cholla Bay, Mexico web site

JJ's Cantina
12 Coahuila Ave., Cholla Bay, Sonora, Mexico
+1 52 (638) 383-2270.

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