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The story of Young Buffalo Bill Cody

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Roy Rogers as Buffalo Bill

"Young Buffalo Bill" In this 1940 classic Western film, William "Buffalo Bill" Cody (Roy Rogers) and friend Gabby Whitaker (George Hayes) are called on by the US Army to survey the New Mexico territory during the 1860s.

Don Regas (Hugh Sothern) is not happy with the survey since he feels that the Army is out to cheat or rob him of his rightful land, but is assured by Cody that all will be fair. The Don's friend Emelio Montez (Trevor Bardette) is actually trying to acquire part of the Don's land.

Since there is a rich gold mine on the property he calls on his half-brother, a renegade Indian chief Akuna (Chief Thundercloud) to kill the Don so that the claim will be open and ready for filing. Especially when the surveyor is in the debt to Montez and fixes the boundaries so the land is open for anyone to file. When Cody learns of Montez' plot, he races to protect the claim as well as the Don's daughter Tonia (Pauline Moore) from Akuna's wrath.

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