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How and where to watch free movies on the web

Watching free movies on the Internet can be done in several ways. If the movie is available for streaming, a movie screen will appear on your browsers window.

Some browsers (like older versions of Explorer, Safari or Firefox) may not have an updated Java script or Flash to play the movie. In that case, you will need to update your browser.

Some portable devices might require the movie to be in a certain format (like MPG, AVI, etc.). Once the correct format is set, the file can be transferred to the device.

Using mobile devices pose other problems. Many people are unaware that when a movie or TV show is playing while using a cellular connection, the network (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, etc.) may charge for digital use. There are ways to work around this. Learn how to watch movies using mobile devices.


Sources to watch free movies online

There are a few web sites that offer free movies to stream without downloading. These outlets mostly provide free trailers and public domain movies and videos.

Troubleshooting Movie Problems

Movie files are very large and have to be broken into "packets" or pieces and sent to a buffer on your computer to provide streaming video.

If a packet doesn't make it, or arrives too slow, it may break up or stop the movie. Then the movie stops playing until the buffer fills up.

Also, if too many people watch the same film, the source- or your network- may not have enough bandwidth to serve everyone at the same time. It is similar to a rolling blackout.

  • Try at a different time of the day The best time to watch online is during late evening hours in your country. The hours between 8:00-10:00 p.m. (20:00-22:00) have the heaviest traffic. Before or after those times are best.
  • Try a different computer. Sometimes, PC's (and Macintosh) won't respond to menu requests. Varying software versions and computer hardware may limit the ability of the computer to download a file. If you have a newer computer, and still can't download files, try a different browser.
  • Try a different browser. The latest versions of Explorer, Firefox and Safari have a new code that automatically plays the movie file. Test between browsers and make sure you have the latest browser update installed.
  • Nothing works- It may be possible the combination of your computer hardware, or your browser or your Internet connection won't allow you to watch these movies online. Try the other options again.

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