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Jack Frost cartoon free download

Jack Frost cartoonThe Jack Frost character made his first animated appearance in this 1934 cartoon. Jack Frost is the fictional representation of Winter.

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In this episode, Jack Frost arrives in the forest. He paints the leaves on the trees, pumpkins and anything else while he warns the animals of the forest to prepare for the upcoming cold winter.

But, an inquisitive young grizzly bear decides that he wants to see what the world looks like when everyone else is hibernating.

When Old Man Winter catches him unawares, however, he needs Jack Frost's help to get back home to his warm bed. Run time: 8 minutes.

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Jack Frost Free Cartoon Download
1934 Version. Public Domain
Director and Producer: Ub Iwerks.
Production Company: Celebrity Productions, Inc.
Contact Information: www.k-otic.com
Creative Commons license: Public Domain Mark 1.0

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