Music: Dallas: Chorus Line

Dallas Summer Musical Presents A Chorus Line

By Lynn Marie

If you ever had a dream a Chorus Line will hit you right in the gut.  The show displays the essence of what drives people who can never accept the impossible and who never say “it can’t be done.”  It’s not just about egos but rather than a passion that makes them yearn to perform even when elimination is as likely as achievement.  As one unforgettable lyric suggests it’s about “the sweetness and the sorrow.”
Although there are more superior musicals that have graced the Broadway stage.  A Chorus Line is the longest-running American Broadway musical.  The production played on Broadway for 25 years, and the 2006 revival, a close copy of the original, stuck around for a couple of more.
The audience takes a journey with 17 dancers, in 1 audition, and 1 line, as the dancers put it all on the line for a desirable job on Broadway, a role in the chorus of a new musical.  Although the story is very basic, it does have style, flair and quite a few high kicks.
The dancers are in for a revelation when the director of the show Zach (Michael Gruber) wants to find out more about them than their performance history.  Rather than just dancing their way onto the line,  performers are asked to talk, to tell their stories, and to open themselves up for the director.

This is where the musical takes a turn, and it becomes not about the life of a dancer, but about life in general.  Through their stories, the characters reveal just how detrimental their childhood was; and how their adulthood, love and friendships  have been challenging as well but in the end, life is about finding and keeping your hope and passion.

One particular dancer standouts, Cassie (Robyn Hurder), a veteran dancer looking to restart a troubled career just wants to “dance,” even if it’s only in a chorus.
After 30 years, you never get tired of seeing the “famous” kick line.

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