UK Artist: Crack Horse

Crack Horse is a sound not like any other right now. You already know this from the name.

It’s edgy, energetic, soulful, heart felt – and that’s just lead track- “THIS SONG MIGHT SAVE THE PLANET. ”

Dancefloor beats, piercing riffs, vibrant brass and melodies you can’t stop humming. This isn't just catchy, it's infectious. A sound of alarming potential and encouraging accessibility, whilst also maintaining a sense of individuality and purpose. Crack Horse is a juggernaut – unstoppable, undeniable.


Crack Horse is essentially one person – Alamo (or Al, as friends like to call him), a gifted songwriter with passion and presence – a frontman of energy to partner the music. Al’s songs have been featured on BBC and Capital Radio, among ot hers.

Already beginning work on a set of songs in preparation for Crack Horse’ s second full length album, Alamo is a songwriter of prolific output.

With past recognitions of Al’s writing including Honourable Mention in the International Songwriting Compet ition (IS C) and finalist placement in the Glastonbury Festival Unsigned competition, Crack Horse is the culmination of Alamo’s talent – strong song writing with an offbeat dynamism.

Playing all instruments and doing all programming himself on Crack Horse’s full length album, Al is also surrounded by a network of strong, talented musicians ready to take Crack Horse to the live arena, when the time comes.

With the ‘Horse taking on a life of its own, Crack Horse is many and few – music to dazzle you and dance to.


Imagine Pink Floyd (1975 ) and The Rolling Stones (1971) joining forces with Bobby Womack and recording in a Motown studio with Daft Punk producing in 2007. You have Crack Horse. A heady cocktail of pop-rock and disco- strangeness to light up your night and pave your day -- OUTPUT

CRACK HORSE - LP (May 2007)


"The song is really cool... strong vocals and cool intro... good luck with the experiment!"
- Robert Roth (Truly – Capital Records)

"Good song , and maybe it will save my life!"
- Dave Catching (Queens of the Stone Age / Eagles of Death Metal - Interscope)

Such people can’t be wrong.

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From Crack Horse's Website: Crack Horse has wrapped up album one, which will soon be available via CD Baby. 4 unheard tracks back 8 already featured on the Indie911 hoooka player and in the audio section here at Vox. If you like what you've heard so far, buy a little piece of the 'Horse - 12 cuts with infectious melodies, dancefloor beats, piercing riffs and vibrant brass

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Crack Horse Music Video

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This music video is third track taken from CRACK HØRSE's debut album. Join the One Song Experiment today

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