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(October 2003) Hot and still swinging. These guys are a great swing band! Whether your in the mood to sit which is hard not to move when sitting or even up and dancing which many people choose to do when these guys are playing.

Hipster Daddy-O formed their band in 1997 with the singer Eric Allen who is no longer with the band. The singer now is Mike Edward who also is the bands guitarist.

The bands song Perpetrator is in the Me, Myself and Irene movie which came out in the year 2,000. These guys are still going at it strong. You can catch them playing a few shows in the Down town of Tucson AZ. You can also catch them playing this New Years Eve at the Cliff Castle Casino show in Camp Verde Arizona. Just 70 miles N. of Phoenix.

If you would like to purchase their latest CD or even write to the guys. You can do so at [email protected]. I hope you enjoy the pictures I took of the guys performing at the Vaudeville here in Tucson.

The line up of the band is Guitar/Vocals: Mike Edward, Bass: Ty Lebsack, Drums: Daryl Seymour, Saxohone: Andrew Sternberg, Trumpet/Tuba: Kris Wiedeman. Andrew was not at the show this night that the pictures where taken. But the band still played on and still sounded great without him!

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