Christopher Cross Finds Serendipity with Debra Davis on New CD "Complete"

(Santa Monica, CA Aug 10th, 2004) Debra Davis, a compelling artist who writes hook-filled songs that hit deep, has released "Complete" packed with her most powerful material to date.

Her third and newest album, "Complete" was released nationwide on August 24, 2004.

The first single, "Born to Love You," is a duet featuring 5-time Grammy winner Christopher Cross.

The iTunes music store offering her song "Hiding Place (Da Vinci Code)" ---a musical twist on the best-selling novel---as an exclusive single on their website.

The song "Supernatural High" is featured on the "Dawson's Creek" Season 2 DVD, and is on a CD single that accompanies a popular book series for young girls, "Avalon: Web of Magic."

"These songs came from the sadness of goodbye and the awe of new life," says Debra. "Recently, I dealt with the loss of loved ones and then the birth of my daughter. So this album deals with the circle of life and all the feelings therein."

Debra has had numerous songs in TV and film, including four tunes in the movie" All You Need," on the Lifetime network. She has songs on retail store audio systems nationwide, and is featured on a Real Artists Working video airing on PBS affiliates.

Her songs are also on several compilation Cds for good causes, like "It's About Eve" for breast cancer research and "Home" for Children International. She is a co-founder of the Music Heals organization.

Debra and her band of gold have toured the country building a big following of loyal fans (including lots of kids) doing TV, radio, clubs and in-store performances.

"I was so impressed by the songwriting; catchy, moving, great stories"
Melissa Etheridge

"Powerful, personal vocals, haunting melodies..." "...The emergence of a new talent in the world of singer/songwriters"

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