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10th Anniversary of John Denver's Death Marked by the Release of Unique Concert Recordings

Family Celebrates Denver's Life With Historical 1985 Soviet Union Tour

The Family of John Denver are marking the 10th anniversary of his untimely death with the release of 2 hours of rare concert recordings which have never been released to the public.

The two CD set, produced by seven time Grammy (R) Winner and John's friend Roger Nichols, is scheduled for release on Tuesday, 10/25/07 - by AAO Music - The home of REALITY - in conjunction with John's brother Ron Deutschendorf.

John Denver's 1985 tour of the Soviet Union was historic for many reasons and also paved the way for other American artists to perform in the Soviet Union. The eleven concerts were performed at various venues throughout the country and each performance was recorded on a custom digital recorder. The tapes, re-discovered in 2002, have been restored, remixed and mastered for this CD set by seven time Grammy(R) winner Roger Nichols.

"It is always an exciting experience to take part in the production of what will be a classic album," said Peter G. Kuys, Chairmen of AAO Music. "This record showcases John's tremendous talent; and it is an honor for AAO Music to take part in this album."

With over two hours of music including John's greatest hits as well as rare versions and lesser known songs make this CD a must have for any John Denver fan. One of the highlights on the CD is a version of "Annie's Song" sung by Denver in Russian. The CDs are packaged with never before seen photos and tributes from John's mom, his brother Ron, Roger Nichols and industry veteran Mike McVay.

About John Denver

One of the world's best-known and best-loved performers, John Denver earned international acclaim as a songwriter, performer, actor, environmentalist and humanitarian. Denver's concert tours reached millions globally. The world embraced John - captivated by each new release, including 24 gold albums and 38 platinum albums in the U.S as well as numerous gold and platinum sales overseas. Today, millions of fans, old and new, enjoy the work of this extraordinary performer. 30 albums and three decades after he began, John Denver's music is as relevant as ever.

About The USSR Concert Tour

When John Denver set foot on stage in the Soviet Union it was a historical moment. These performances would be the first by an American artist since the Cold War began - an unprecedented cultural exchange between the United States and Russia.

These concerts culminated in an agreement to allow other Western artists to perform in the Soviet Union. The official record reflects that this was made possible by the efforts of John Denver.

About AAO Music, Inc.

2004 marked the launch of a new music label named REALITY. REALITY was born out of a concept that music can, and should be made, for the sake of artistry and the love of music. Our concept cuts out much of the excessive glitz, glamour and expense and brings to market great music from talented, proven recording stars that is valued priced. REALITY artists are some of the most influential and successful artists in the world.

The REALITY label is founded on the premise of a direct relationship between the artist and the retail stores. This translates to more aggressive pricing, better in stock positions and more artist meet & greets which ultimately benefit the music buying customer.

Source: AAO Music, Inc.
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