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Duran Duran

By Tracie Reed

NEWS ITEM: Duran Duran perform on the VH1 Production 'Baileys The Set: Duran Duran' Dec. 14, 1004

Remember these guys? The British pop group from the 80s. Once compared to the Beatles with the raging hormones of  thousands of teenage girls. I should know I was one of them.

Duran Duran has come all long way. Ever since the band split up, Simon LeBon and Nick Rhodes still carried it on over the years.

John Taylor left in 1996 from being the bass player of Duran Duran to pursue his solo career and to do acting parts in MTV movie skits and he also played a small part in the Viva Las Vegas Flint Stones.

Andy Taylor, guitar player of Duran Duran went on singing solo as well. Roger Taylor the Drummer went back to his home and family in Europe. Roger did capture a couple of teenagers after they had robbed a small store in England.

Over time Nick and Simon had other band members to replace the musical positions that were needed to keep the band going. After some time, they eventually ended up with Warren Cuccurullo guitar player formerly known from the 80s band Missing Persons.

Warren played with Duran Duran up until the year 2001. The POP Trash Tour wastheir last to play together. After the tour, Warren decided to go back with the band Missing Persons. They are getting the group back together as well as all of the original band members to Duran Duran.

On Feb. 16, 2003, Nike will be using ,"Walking in LA" to launch a promotion for a new shoe. Following a 10K run in Los Angeles, a Missing Persons performance will close the show.

Warren now owns his own restaurant in L.A. John Taylor, Nick Rhodes, Andy Taylor, Roger Taylor, and front man himself Simon LeBon are all currently working on their new CD as we speak. It is expected to be out some time this year of 2003. They have been working on the new CD since mid of last year and are taking their time because they want it to turn out right and good and would rather not rush it. This is their first CD since they have been back together.

At the same time Nick Rhodes is also working with the first singer before Simon- Stephen Duffy in the band called The Devils.

Duran Duran took their name from Roger Vadms 1960s cult sci-fi classic film"Barbarella," starring Jane Fonda. There was a character played by Milo O'Shea called Duran.

You can send something to the guys care of: D.I.S. (Duran information Society) P.O. Box 419 New York, NY 10021 USA.

I will keep you updated on their new CD as soon as I know of it being released and the tour dates as well.

Enjoy some old press photos of the band over the decades:

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