Five O'Clock Heroes - Skin Deep

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The Heroes' new song Skin Deep. If you look closely, you may recognise some of the dancings faces in the crowd.

Directed by ADAM NEUSTADTER from WORMSEYE Films.

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Who are the Five O'Clock Heros?

(from the website) The short answer is that they’re the Anglo-American quartet whose take on the late-70’s jerk-pop mastery of the likes of Joe Jackson and Elvis Costello has been causing a quiet stir on both sides of the Atlantic, and who are on the verge of releasing their long-gestating debut album, ‘Bend To The Breaks’, a record so riddled with post-punk infectiousness, it should come bearing its own STI warning with a complimentary body-condom to boot.

The long answer is, however, somewhat more complicated than that. Essentially born out of frontman Antony Ellis’ seventeen year-old desire to escape his native Northampton and follow his elder brother to the bright lights of New York City because, as he puts it, “England was too shit and cynical at the time”, the Heroes first came into being in 2003.

“I guess it was that sort of time in New York when being in a band seemed like the most natural thing to do,” explains one-time Visa renegade Antony, “from 2000 onwards, it seemed like the most exciting city in the world. It was that sort of time when The Strokes, The Rapture and Yeah Yeah Yeahs were all getting really big and everything seemed to be focused on New York.” Read more and watch more videos...

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