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March 6, 2006

The band Great American Tragedy, Rocked the house after taking a short break In downtown Tucson, AZ. at The Vaudeville on a recent Tuesday night.

They filled the club with some great all original music! They have a very heavy, deep sound with a unique groove to some of their music. Their influences are bands such as Slayer, ACDC, Motor Head etc. etc. You get the idea!

These guys know how to rock you with great fun and sound! If you hear of them coming to your town or near by, I recommend checking these guys out!

The band consists of five members: (vocals) MigueI Carter, (guitar) Mike Bushey, (guitar) Chris Denarie, (bass guitar), Larry Horvath, (drummer) Alex Crane.

I asked the guys some questions about their band and music. Larry Horvath spoke for most of the questions:

T.R.- How long have you guys been together?

Larry- I'm always confused. New Years of 2,000. We are going on our 6th year!
T.R.- How did you come up with the name Great American Tragedy?

Larry- It's actually something Miguel made up; that he had tried a couple of times, but still named it and, so when we all got together, that's what we named it. We all joked around about making one up. We talked about that with Miguel and it made sense. So there it is!
T.R.- How many CD's have you guys made?

Larry- Well, We recorded plenty of times, but we're probably one of the only bands that has been together for 6 years and yet to release anything. But that's all coming soon ! Very Soon!
T.R.- So you don't have your new CD yet?

Larry- No, We had a member leave and Mike over here came back. He originally started with us. Which has made the transition pretty cool! But we were doing one before the other guitar player quit over the holidays. So, we kind of put that one on hold and were gonna probably try and release something we did in the Realto Theatre with no one in there. Like four years ago. Just to get something out there.
T.R.- Which song out of all of your songs is your favorite?

Chris- Do right.

Larry- I like them all. I can't put my finger on it right now. I like to do them all.
T.R.- Do you feel you have accomplished what you've wanted out of your songs?

Larry- We all have bits of influences. I think that what we have done up to now is pretty much has given us more insight on what we want to do as far as setting the one kind of thing.
T.R.- What the craziest thing that has happened to you guys in one of your shows?

Larry- Miguel's brother- one time at one of our shows. Miguels brother was beating up another friend of ours like draped over one of my monitors on the stage. That was a pretty good one.
(Miguel walks over and Larry turns to him and asks him the same question)

Miguel- Besides the fact that we actually finished the show every time we played yeah! That's what I'm talking about.
T.R.- Are you guys looking to go on tour soon or do you just want to finish your CD?

Larry- Whatever we can work out. We're probably dying to go on the road even more then we are dying to put out a record. But we kind of got to do both. So probably would have to be the record first.

Miguel- It's a catch 22. Every time we try and put out a record, they want to send us on tour. And we can't do that, so.
T.R.- Who are you guys inspired by?

(They all speak up and tell me)
Motor Head, Black Sabbath, ACDC. All of the above
T.R.-For the fans what is your favorite foods?

Miguel- Mexican food

Chris- Italian and Sea food

Larry H.- Seafood

Larry V.- Popsicles
(They all laugh)
T.R.- And what about your drummer?

Chris answers in a joking way- What about him?

Miguel- He's cool!

T.R.- I'll get back to your drummer on that. What is your ultimate goals out of your whole band, your music?

Larry- To have fun! People that get in this business to make money are in it for the wrong reason. I solely believe that if besides you get to hang out with your friends and play good music. There's so much shitty music out there. It has it's advantages.

I mean, we played with some pretty big bands that you know if you weren't in a band you wouldn't have those types of connections to meet those types of people. I could sit here and talk for 30 minutes about how many good bands there are that are probably 90% of the public doesn't know about. Cause if they don't have that look or they don't throw so much of the messages for you kids out there. Yeah! Play what you love to play and play what everybody else wants to hear. It doesn't matter.

Like I said if your in it for the money your in it for the wrong reasons. There's bands like Honky, The Dwarfs. Those are some of the greatest people you can listen to. And then you turn on any radio station you get evil rock.
(Back to the drummers favorite food) I want tell what the guys told me what his favorite food because they where joking around about it. But I can tell you that he is a vegetarian.)
T.R.- Last question that I have for you guys. What are your ages?

They all responded that they never tell.

Larry- I'm celebrating the 10th anniversary of my 27th Birthday!
(It really was Larry's Birthday that night. And I still didn't get to find
out how old he really was. Happy Birthday Larry!)

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