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George Harrison's Solo Material Debuts Digitally

Capitol/EMI announces the October 9, 2007 digital release of George Harrison's solo catalog.

Nine albums have initially been made available and the remainder will follow online in 2008. The release of these albums makes all four Beatles' solo catalogs digitally available.

Harrison's EMI catalog will be available in digital form for the first time on a global basis. Fans will be able to purchase Harrison's catalog works from all of EMI's digital distribution partners, and the titles will also be part of EMI's premium download offering (free of digital rights management and in a higher-quality bit rate) from participating retailers.

The following albums are now digitally available:

-- All Things Must Pass (2001 remaster)
Harrison's first release following the break-up of The Beatles in 1970,
this multimillion selling set included the worldwide hits "My Sweet
Lord," "What Is Life" and Bob Dylan's "If Not For You." This album was
remastered in 2001 and now includes five additional tracks not present
on the original release.

-- Thirty Three & 1/3 (2004 remaster)
This was Harrison's first album for his own Dark Horse label and was
released in 1976. Includes the hits "This Song" and "Crackerbox
Palace." The 2004 remaster includes "Tears Of The World" as an extra

-- George Harrison (2004 remaster)
From 1979, this release contains the hits "Blow Away" and "Faster." It
also contains "Not Guilty," a song that Harrison wrote during the 1968
Beatles "White Album" sessions. A demo version of "Here Comes The Moon"
is also included in the 2004 remaster.

-- Somewhere In England (2004 remaster)
Harrison's third album for Dark Horse included the hit "All Those Years
Ago," a tribute to John Lennon. The 2004 remaster includes a demo
version of "Save The World" as an additional track.

-- Gone Troppo (2004 remaster)
Released in 1982, this album includes "That's The Way It Goes" and a
remake of a song that Harrison first demoed in 1968, "Circles." The
2004 remaster includes, as an extra track, a demo version of "Mystical

-- Cloud Nine (2004 remaster)
Cloud Nine from 1987 saw Harrison team up with Jeff Lynne, and the
resulting album put George back in the charts. "Got My Mind Set On
You" became a smash and with two other successful singles, "When We Was
Fab" and "This Is Love," the album became a best seller. The 2004
remaster also includes the additional tracks "Shanghai Surprise" and
"Zig Zag."

-- Live In Japan (2004 remaster)
Recorded during dates in Tokyo and Osaka in 1991, this double set
features Harrison playing some of his finest Beatles and solo works.
With a band including Steve Ferrone, Ray Cooper and Eric Clapton,
George rocks through "Taxman," "Something," "While My Guitar Gently
Weeps," "Here Comes The Sun," "Isn't It A Pity," "My Sweet Lord" and
"Roll Over Beethoven," among a total of 19 great songs.

-- Brainwashed
Brainwashed was Harrison's final album of new material and was released
in 2002, one year after his passing. A wonderful album that features
"Stuck Inside A Cloud," "Any Road," "Rising Sun" and the Grammy winning
"Marwa Blues."

-- Living In The Material World (2006 remaster, previously available but
now added to iTunes).
Originally released in 1973, this album spent five weeks at #1 on the
U.S. album charts. Includes the single "Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On
Earth)," also a U.S. # 1. The 2006 remaster includes two additional
tracks previously released as single B sides.

Olivia Harrison said of the releases, "It is exciting that George's catalog is finally available for downloading. He had begun the digital remastering of his albums but had no idea how the digital world would change the way we access and listen to music."

For more information, visit George Harrison's official Website:

Source: Capitol/EMI
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